Indoor Wild Posting Advertising - New York City
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Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Company Example - Chicago
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Walking Billboard Outdoor Advertising - Brooklyn, New York
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Statue Takeover Guerilla Marketing Creative Example - New York City
Video Game Release Guerrilla Marketing Creative Example - San Francsico
Michigan Avenue Brand Installation Example - Chicago
Mobile Showcase Event Advertising Example - New York City
Amtrak Creative Mobile Billboard - Orlando
HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Permitted Street Marketing - New York City
Times Square Permitted Street Team Marketing - New York City
Construction Site Wild Posting Advertising Company Example - New York City
Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Example - Cambridge, MA

ALT TERRAIN produces creative outdoor advertising concepts that people embrace and want to share with friends. We specialize in helping agencies bring guerilla marketing, wild posting, street team, experiential event, 3D billboard, mobile tour, video projection, mobile billboard, PR event marketing stunts and creative outdoor advertising concepts to life that create an presence, branded content and desired results.

We possess more than 10 years of street marketing planning, production, management and know-how in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Portland, San Diego and numerous smaller college student markets.

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