FUZE Beverages Flash Mob Street Team Marketing - New York City
Amtrak Creative Mobile Billboard - Orlando
Walking Billboard Outdoor Advertising - Brooklyn, New York
Pioneer Square Mobile Showcase Event Marketing Example - Chicago
Street Wheat-Paste Poster Advertising - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC
RCN Cable Company Wild Postings Advertising Example - Queens, New York City
Outdoor Event Marketing Step & Repeat Company Example - NYC
Guerilla Video Projection Outdoor Advertising Example - San Francisco
Shea Moisture Product Sampling Bicycle Kiosk - New Orleans
Statue Takeover Guerilla Marketing Creative Example - New York City
Video Game Release Guerrilla Marketing Creative Example - San Francsico
Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Company Example - Chicago
Converse Mobile Marketing  and Product Showcase Vehicle - New York City
Times Square Permitted Street Team Marketing - New York City
Mobile Showcase Event Advertising Example - New York City
HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Permitted Street Marketing - New York City
Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Example - Cambridge, MA
Wild Postings Street Pole Advertising Company Example - Philadelphia

ALT TERRAIN is an outdoor brand presence and consumer engagement company. We bring creative outdoor advertising and experiential marketing ideas to life in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, Seattle and many other cities.

We achieve brand objectives by connecting with consumers where they work, shop, commute and socialize. ALT TERRAIN speciality is guerrilla marketing, street poster advertising, mobile billboard marketing, guerrilla video building projections, street team marketing, experiential event marketing, influencer marketing and public relations marketing stunts, real-time marketing, and consumer social media engagement.

Our beliefs are deep-rooted in only producing advertising and marketing that people want to experience and share with friends.

To ensure your next campaign is a success tap into ALT TERRAIN’s 10+ years of experience executing creative outdoor advertising and experiential marketing in-and-around Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Portland and San Diego.

Contact us for a complimentary proposal based on achieving objectives.

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