Costumed Character Street Marketing Activation Example - Upper West Side, New York City
Listerine Experiential Marketing Event Production Company Example - Union Square, New York City
HBO Series Street Marketing Advertising Example - Flatiron District, New York City
Samsung Surprise-and-Delight Experiential Street Marketing Activation - Meatpacking District, New York City
Supermarket Product Sampling Experiential Marketing Activation Vehicle - Atlanta, GA
Local Event Marketing Product Sampling Activation - Darigold, Seattle, WA
Converse Wheat-Paste Poster Advertising Installation, Lower East Side, New York City
AT&T Street Marketing Bicycle and Walking Billboard Advertising Team - Manhattan,  New York City
Outdoor Marketing Step & Repeat Photo Prop Event Activation - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Ski Resort Mall Brand Activation Marketing Company Example - King of Prussia, PA
Urban Outfitters College Campus Poster Advertising - Boulder, CO
Arby's Fast-Casual Retail Store Opening Walking Billboard Advertising Street Team - Times Square, New York City
Supermarket Food Product Sampling Experiential Marketing Company Example - Chicago, IL
McDonald's Experiential Marketing Misting Fan Mobile Billboard Street Team Marketing Activation - Hartford, CT
Benetton Guerrilla Marketing Billboard Banner PR Stunt Activation - Times Square, New York City
Mermaid Parade Festival Marketing - Brooklyn, NY



Transform brand marketing into enjoyable experiences.


We envision a world where marketing activations enhance a person’s day, contribute to society and accomplish brand goals.


Engage people at opportune times with authentic, stimulating and valuable experiences.


Guerilla marketing, experiential marketing, mobile marketing tours, community event activations, street teams, public relations stunts, in-store product sampling, convention marketing, retail promotions, streetscape installations, street murals, brand activations, wild postings, mobile showrooms vehicles, sports marketing and other tactics to attract, engage and actionably influence.


Top 20 US city coverage (e.g. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Houston, etc.) as well as mid-size markets (e.g. Pittsburgh, Detroit, Austin, New Orleans, etc.) and college towns (e.g. Athens, Boulder, Berkeley, Ann Arbor, etc.)


We successfully engage hundreds of thousands of consumer yearly on city sidewalks, inside events, at malls, on-campus, inside retail stores, on mobile marketing tours, and outside convention centers for a wide array of brands.


Experiential marketing and brand activation ideas, planning, production, fabrication, logistics, activation, management, reporting, measurement, and analysis.


Smart planning and real-time activation management create quality content, engagement, insights, and results.


We understand how to integrate brand goals, messages, marketing channels, and assets to increase activation outcomes.


Experience with tracking key performance metrics to measure and derive value.


We know two things 1.) people love well-produced marketing experiences 2.) it achieves brand goals.


Connect with us to learn how ALT TERRAIN produces results-focused experiential marketing initiatives people embrace!