Establish an eco-friendly brand presence in target neighborhoods with Bicyle Billboard advertising

AT&T Retail Promotion Bike Billboard Advertising Example - Downtown Cincinnati, OH
Bicycle Billboard Cause Marketing Advertising Example - Philadelphia
Bike Billboard Advertising Company Advertising  - Orlando and Tampa
AT&T Creative Bicycle Billboard Advertising - New York City
Bicycle Billboard Advertising Company Example - Tampa
Boardwalk Festival Bicycle Billboard Advertising Example - Brooklyn, New York City
Bike Billboard Cause Marketing Advertising Example - Philly
Bicycle Billboard AT&T Company Advertising - New York City
Climate Change Awareness Nonprofit Cause Advertising via Bicycle Billboards - Philadelphia, PA
AT&T Bicycle Billboard Outdoor Advertising -Downtown Cincinnati Ohio
AT&T Bicycle Billboard Street Team Marketing Company Example - Cincinnati, OH

Bicycle Billboard is a a creative, eco-friendly and noticeable form of outdoor advertising.

In certain industries and companies, bicycle billboards are known as Ad Bikes or Promo Bikes teams.

The benefits of Bicycle Billboard advertising are they standout on the streets and can be deployed throughout areas where traditional mobile billboard trucks are not be able to reach (e.g. bike paths, beach areas, parks, etc.)

They are a super effective way to advertise around convention trade shows, festivals, sporting events, concerts and other large target audience gatherings.

Bicycle Billboards are deployed in groups of three, convoy mode, to create a large, undeniable outdoor advertising presence.

When riders are outfitted in custom-branded cycling shirts, pants, helmets and other equipment it further enhances the outdoor advertising impact.

Riders can stop and engage people with the bike billboards beside them.

Advantages of a Bicycle Billboards:

1.) Zero emissions outdoor advertising medium

2.) Deploy where mobile billboard trucks cannot travel

3.) More interesting and attractive to consumers than mobile billboards

4.) Circumvents mobile billboard truck restrictions

The best cities to deploy Bicycle Billboard are New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Minneapolis and others with a high-concentration of vehicles and pedestrians to create tens of thousands of consumer impressions per day.

ALT TERRAIN offers a variety of bicycle advertising options as defined below:

Bike Billboard Trailer – These bike billboards are best for city deployment as the narrowness of the billboard trailer takes up less street space minimizing issues of interfering with consumers or other vehicles.

Promo Trike Mobile Billboard – These are three wheel bike / trike billboards that allow for more height and stability for custom brand installations.

We’re excited about the rise of bicycles as an outdoor advertising medium for all the benefits noted above as well as the ability to customize them to enhance the brand message.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for creative bicycle billboard advertising initiative ideas, rates, and examples.