Generate brand visibility and consumer goodwill with Bike Share Advertising in Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and other cities

UCLA College Campus Bicycle Share & Rack Marketing Company Example - Los Angeles, CA
AT&T Bike Share & Bike Rack Advertising Company Mock-Up Example
Bike Share Advertising Billboard, Millennial College Student Advertising - San Francisco / Bay Area, CA
Bike Share & Rack Event Promotion Company Example - UCLA Campus, Los Angeles
Bike Share Local Cafe Advertising Example - Los Angeles, CA
The North Face Bicycle Billboard Outdoor Advertising Sign - Boston, MA
Bicycle Share Sponsorship Brand Marketing Advertising Company - Los Angeles, CA

Bike Share Advertising is a dockless, free bike-share system creating targeted brand visibility and consumer appreciation.

It is also known as Bicycle Share Sponsorship or Bike Share Marketing by certain companies and cities.

The Bike Share Advertising dockless bike-share system is free for consumers to use once they download the app and sign-up.

With the uniquely designed bicycles, companies can brand both sides of the bike frame as well as the read fender cover.

These bicycles serve as streetscape outdoor advertising billboards for promoting events, apps, retail store promotions and other types of companies.

The Bike Share Advertising brand sponsorship, kiosk-free dockless bicycle share system can be deployed in large cities (e.g. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.), midsize cities (e.g. Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC) and college towns (e.g. Anne Arbor, Boulder, Gainesville, etc.)

Bike share sponsorship produces consumer goodwill and serve as street-level, targeted outdoor advertising billboards similar to other outdoor advertising formats (e.g. posters, kiosks, bus shelters, bike share, subway, etc.)

Benefits of Bike Share Advertising:

1.) Effective for promoting local events, retail stores, mobile apps, nonprofits, health or fitness-related brands on city sidewalks

2.) Placement where other outdoor advertising is not readily available such as near campuses, convention centers, beaches, parks and historic districts (e.g. NYC’s Soho, Miami’s South Beach, Los Angeles’ Venice Beach, etc.)

3.) Create tens of thousands of consumer impressions daily in large cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and DC

4.) Offering complimentary bicycle use generates brand appreciation

Each advertising bicycle sign placement is documented with photos and GPS on a daily basis.

A group of 16 to 64 Bike Share Advertising bicycles can be deployed for 3 days, 2 weeks or 4 weeks in a specific city.

At ALT TERRAIN we are really amped about Bike Share Advertising as an outdoor advertising medium as people embrace it comparison to traditional street outdoor advertising.

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