Create presence, sample products and engage consumers on city sidewalks with Street Marketing Bicycle cart teams

Street Experiential Marketing Cart / Cargo Bicycle Team Activation - Chelsea, New York City
Experiential Marketing Consumer Engagement Bicycle Team - Midtown South, New York City
Long's Jewelers Experiential Street Marketing Activation Bike Cart - Downtown Boston, MA
Long's Jewelers Experiential Street Marketing Activation Bike Cart - Downtown Boston, MA
Product Sampling Bike Cart  Marketing Team - Portland, OR
Shea Moisture Product Sampling Cargo Bicycle Kiosk - New Orleans
Shea Moisture Product Sampling Bicycle - New Orleans
Retail Pop-Up Shop Promotion via Experiential Marketing Bike - Chicago
Shea Moisture Street Marketing Product Sampling Bike Team - New Orleans
Street Marketing Product Sampling Bike - Philadelphia, PA
Snack Food Street Team Product Sampling Bicycle Marketing Cart Company - San Francisco


Street Marketing Bicycle is a tactical form of field marketing deployed by companies to generate a noticeable brand presence, sample products and engage consumers.

They are also known as bicycle kiosks, product sampling cargo bikes, outdoor advertising bike teams and promotional trike teams by certain companies.

The three-wheel Street Marketing Bicycle cart are particularity effective for attracting consumers, sampling products and brand demo activations.

A team of two ambassadors are deployed alongside each Street Marketing Bicycle to engage consumers with brand messaging, demonstrations, marketing materials and product samples.


Benefits of utilizing Street Marketing Bicycles:

1.) Standout on city streets with a fun, inviting brand activation

2.) More versatile than product sampling trucks or trailers as they allow for a sidewalk, closer-to-consumer engagement

3.) Product samples and/or promotional giveaways easily stored inside the cargo portion of the Street Marketing Bicycle

4.) Top of the street marketing bike cargo box can serve as product display and demonstration area

5.) In most cities and neighborhoods they can be deployed with sidewalk activation permits

6.) Eco-friendly form of our outdoor marketing


The Street Marketing Bicycle teams can sample prepackaged cold food and beverage products such as ice cream, popsicle or other frozen product sampling via the addition of dry ice inside the cargo storage area.

The bicycle marketing carts are particularly valuable form of experiential marketing and way to sample products when deployed in cites with concentrated consumer foot-traffic such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.


There are two styles of Street Marketing Bicycles:

Enclosed Box Street Marketing Bike – These bikes (also known as Ice Cream or Vending Trikes) have a fully enclosed box toward the front of the bike. The enclosed box can be fully wrapped with brand graphics. The top of the enclosed box has a small flip-up hatch to access product samples or consumer giveaways inside. These marketing bike boxes can be insulated to keep product samples cold or frozen when cold packs or dry ice is added. The top of the box can be utilized to display a few products and giveaways. The Enclosed Box Street Marketing Bike box also includes an umbrella which can be branded with advertising visuals. These bikes are natural fit for health food, natural product and other brands that desire an environmentally conscious advertising footprint.

Open Box Street Marketing Bike – These bikes (also known as Cargo or Dutch Box Bikes) have an open and lengthier box in front of the bike. The open format and length allow for custom build-outs ranging from elaborate product displays to interactive brand installations to a pop-up cafe serving coffee to the public. These Open Box Street Marketing Bike are heavier and costlier to deploy than other street marketing bikes. The entire front box and interior can be branded with desired visuals.


We’re constantly advocating bicycles as an ideal platform for companies to engage people with experiential brand samples and activities on city sidewalks, particularly in cities such as for New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia with considerable pedestrian foot-traffic.

Contact ALT TERRAIN to learn more about experiential Street Marketing Bicycle ideas, deployment and pricing.

JustWorks SaaS B2B Street Team Experiential Marketing Brand Sampling Kiosk - Chelsea, Manhattan

Brand: JustWorks
Service: Street Marketing Bike Activation
Client: JustWorks

JustWorks SaaS B-to-B Experiential Street Marketing Bike Activation throughout New York City

JustWorks, a SaaS startup that offers companies benefits, compliance, and payroll all in one platform, assigned ALT TERRAIN to leverage Street … Continued