Demonstrate product value to people in memorable and engaging ways with brand activation marketing

Brand Activation Event Product Sampling Example - Union Square, New York City
Listerine Brand Activation Sampling Marketing Event - Union Square, New York City
Darigold Protein Shake Brand Activation Marketing - Seattle, WA
Darigold Vitamin Protein Shake Brand Activation Product Sampling Marketing Event - Seattle, WA
Chloe's Ice Fruit Pop Brand Activation Product Sampling - SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR
Chloe's Fruit Ice Pop Brand Activation Street Product Sampling - Downtown, Portland, OR
Cosmetics Brand Activation Marketing at Music Festival  - Philadelphia, PA
Shea Moisture Cosmetics Bodycare Brand Activation at Music Festival - Philadelphia, PA
Cheese Product Sampling Brand Activation Event Marketing - Portland, OR

Brand activation marketing is defined as demonstrating a company’s product value to people at times and places when it is most relevant.

The objective of brand activation marketing is for people to intrinsically experience the value of the brand via product trial, samples and/or demonstration.

Well-designed marketing activations need to be timely, stimulating, and transformative.

A brand activation can integrate experiential marketing activities with the main focus  on demonstrating the brand’s value to people in an inviting, engaging and significant way.

Brand activation marketing are often applied to consumer packaged goods (CPG) although can include apps demos or service-based company demonstrations.

Brand activation marketing is a popular form of marketing as it is one of the best ways to change brand perception and influence future purchase decisions.

Examples range from a beverage company sampling products on a hot day to a cosmetics brand offering consumers makeovers at an outdoor music festival as both demonstrate the value at opportune times.

Activations can take place on-the-street, at events, inside malls, on-campus and numerous other locations.

We help companies and agencies with brand activation planning, location scouting, production, staff training, onsite management, execution, reporting, content capture and analysis.

Our brand activation marketing services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia and dozens of other cities throughout the country.

Contact us to learn more about how ALT TERRAIN assists companies with ideas to ‘activate’ their brand and achieve goals.

DirecTV Retail Tailgate Event Marketing Branded Instagram Photo Props - Back Bay, Boston MA

Brand: DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket
Service: Outdoor Event Brand Activation
Client: Marketing Solutions

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Experiential Brand Activation Event in Boston for Solutions Marketing

Marketing Solutions engaged ALT TERRAIN to plan, produce and manage a DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket tailgating experiential brand activation event to … Continued

Scharffen Berger Google Campus Chocolate Product Sampling - Google Corporate Headquarters, CA

Brand: Scharffen Berger
Service: Brand Activation Product Sampling
Client: Camp + King

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Brand Activation at Google Campus for Camp + King

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Brand Activation Product Sampling at Google’s Mountain View Headquarters Camp + King, a creative San Francisco agency … Continued