Primark Street Team Retail Promotion Marketing Company Example - Downtown, Boston, MA

Brand: Primark
Service: Retail Street Team Marketing Activation
Client: Primark

Primark Retail Street Team Marketing Activation – Boston

    We thoroughly enjoyed helping Primark generate brand attention, in-store visits (and sales) via a surprise-and-delight street team marketing … Continued

Jet Street Marketing Product Sampling Team - Boston, MA

Service: Street Experiential Marketing Tour
Client: Jet Street Kiosk Experiential Marketing Tour, the e-commerce pioneer, entrusted ALT TERRAIN to help with experientially promoting their new fresh grocery offerings. Street marketing … Continued

Darigold Cheese Company Experiential Marketing Mall Installation - Spokane, WA

Brand: Darigold Cheese
Service: Experiential Installation
Client: Wexley

Darigold Cheese Experiential Marketing Installation

  Wexley, an advertising agency with expertise in cultivating love for brands, enlisted ALT TERRAIN to help produce their cleverly … Continued

Listerine Brand Activation Sampling Marketing Event - Union Square, New York City

Brand: Listerine
Service: Experiential Marketing Event
Client: JWT

Listerine Experiential Marketing Event Activation – Union Square, New York City

  The preeminent J. Walter Thompson (JWT) strategic advertising agency enlisted ALT TERRAIN to produce their Listerine ‘Bring Out the … Continued

Supermarket Product Sampling Team Company Example - Boston, MA

Brand: Louis Kemp Seafoods
Service: Supermarket Product Sampling Brand Activation
Client: Wexley

Louis Kemp Seafood Supermarket Product Sampling Brand Activation

  Wexley, one of the most creative independent advertising agencies, enlisted ALT TERRAIN to help produce a high-concept, super-memorable Louis … Continued

DirecTV Retail Tailgate Event Marketing Branded Instagram Photo Props - Back Bay, Boston MA

Brand: DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket
Service: Outdoor Event Brand Activation
Client: Marketing Solutions

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Experiential Brand Activation Event in Boston for Solutions Marketing

Marketing Solutions engaged ALT TERRAIN to plan, produce and manage a DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket tailgating experiential brand activation event to … Continued

JustWorks SaaS B2B Street Team Experiential Marketing Brand Sampling Kiosk - Chelsea, Manhattan

Brand: JustWorks
Service: Street Marketing Kiosk
Client: JustWorks

JustWorks SaaS B-to-B Experiential Street Marketing Kiosk Activation throughout New York City

JustWorks, a SaaS startup that offers companies benefits, compliance, and payroll all in one platform, assigned ALT TERRAIN to leverage Street … Continued

Local Community Nonprofit Event Activation Street Mural Marketing - Springfield, MA

Service: Street Mural Marketing
Client: Victors & Spoils Child Obesity Prevention Street Mural Marketing in Springfield, MA for Victors & Spoils

Victors & Spoils enlisted ALT TERRAIN to produce nonprofit community outreach street marketing murals in Springfield MA for a wonderful … Continued

Converse Pop-Up Experiential Marketing Activation Vehicle - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brand: Converse Footwear
Service: Experiential Marketing Vehicle + Dedicated Wild Postings + Street Team Activation
Client: F.I.T.B.P. and Anomaly

Converse Footwear Street Experiential Marketing | Street Poster Advertising Footwear Activation for F.I.T.B.P. and Anomaly

  Fill In the Blank Productions and Anomaly engaged ALT TERRAIN to activate an experiential Converse portrait studio vehicle to photograph … Continued

Always #LIKEAGIRL Interactive Experiential Brand Installation - New York City

Brand: Always
Service: Public Relations Event Interactive Installation

Always #LIKEAGIRL PR Event Interactive Installation for MSLGROUP

MSLGROUP entrusted ALT TERRAIN to help plan, design, fabricate and produce an interactive installation, stage structures, and signage for the … Continued

Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Billboard Advertising Activation in Midtown, New York City

Brand: 4 World Trade Center
Service: Guerrilla Marketing Billboard Activation
Client: Core Twelve Agency

Real Estate Guerrilla Marketing in New York City for Core Twelve Agency

  Core Twelve agency worked with ALT TERRAIN to plan, produce, deploy and manage a real estate guerilla marketing advertising … Continued

Cafe Poster Advertising Company Example - Nashville, TN

Brand: Patagonia
Service: Experiential Marketing Tour Promotion Wild Postings
Client: 206

Patagonia Experiential Marketing Tour Wild Postings for Consumer Engagement Agency 206

Consumer engagement agency 206 selected ALT TERRAIN to initiate a multi-city 11″ x 17″ cardstock wild posting to promote Patagonia’s … Continued

Costumed Street Team Product Sampling Marketing Company Example - Manhattan, New York City

Brand: Stay Away Rodent Repellent
Service: Street Marketing Product Sampling & Public Relations Activation
Client: Debra Cohen Public Relations

Stay Away Rodent Repellent Street Marketing Product Sampling Activation for Debra Cohen Public Relations

  Debra Cohen Public Relations selected ALT TERRAIN to help plan, staff and manage a brilliant street team, costumed character, product … Continued

Sports Stadium Ambush Marketing Street Team - Seattle, WA

Brand: Qdoba
Service: Costumed Character + Street Team Marketing Promotion
Client: Cone Communications Public Relations & Marketing

Qdoba “Free The Guac” Fast Casual Marketing Activation in Seattle and Boston for Cone Communications

Cone Communications Public Relations & Marketing partnered with ALT TERRAIN to help plan, produce and execute the annual Qdoba “Free … Continued

Gatorade Creative Mobile Art Mural Billboard - Los Angeles

Brand: Gatorade
Service: Mobile Art Installation + Event Permitting
Client: StreetVirus/HYPEBEAST

Gatorade Experiential Marketing Event Activation for StreetVirus/HYPEBEAST

  StreetVirus/HYPEBEAST enlisted ALT TERRAIN to assist with bringing the Gatorade x KRINK collaboration to life with a art truck … Continued

Supermarket Family and Kids Food Product Sampling - Los Angeles, CA

Brand: De Wafelbakkers
Service: Experiential Product Sampling Tour
Client: Shared Vision Marketing Agency

De Wafelbakkers’ Pancakes Supermarket Experiential Product Sampling Tour for Shared Vision Marketing

Shared Vision Marketing Agency entrusted ALT TERRAIN to assist with activating a uniquely conceived De Wafelbakkers’ pancake experiential product sampling activation … Continued

Scharffen Berger Google Campus Chocolate Product Sampling - Google Corporate Headquarters, CA

Brand: Scharffen Berger
Service: Brand Activation Product Sampling
Client: Camp + King

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Brand Activation at Google Campus for Camp + King

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Brand Activation Product Sampling at Google’s Mountain View Headquarters Camp + King, a creative San Francisco agency … Continued

ORVIS Street Team Marketing - N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Brand: ORVIS
Service: Retail Street Team Marketing
Client: Mercury

ORVIS Chicago Street Team Marketing Activation for Mercury Advertising

Mercury engaged ALT TERRAIN to outfit, train, deploy and manage an ORVIS Retail Street Team Marketing activation in Chicago to advertise their … Continued

Food Truck Marketing and Advertising Example - Boston

Brand: Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes
Service: Product Sampling Food Truck Marketing
Client: TDA

Muir Glen CPG Food Truck Product Sampling for TDA | Boston and Philadelphia Food Truck Marketing Company

TDA enlisted ALT TERRAIN for an multi-city food truck marketing program for their client Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes. Two food … Continued

Brand: Citibank / Citibike
Service: Experiential Marketing Event
Client: Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Citibank Union Square Experiential Marketing Event for Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Publicis Kaplan Thaler selected ALT TERRAIN to help plan, permit, produce and manage the Citibike experiential activation launch event in … Continued

Samsung Permitted Street

Brand: Samsung
Service: Event Marketing Permit
Client: ZENO Group

Samsung Meatpacking Event Marketing Activation in New York City for Zeno Group

ALT TERRAIN assisted Zeno Group with the planning and permitting of this super fun “Play With This” street marketing PR … Continued

McDonald's Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard Activation, Boston, MA

Brand: McDonald's
Service: Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard
Client: Havas Media Group / Arnold

McDonald’s Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard for Havas Media Group / Arnold

Havas Media Group (formally MPG) and Arnold enlisted ALT TERRAIN to bring McDonald’s ice coffee experience to life via a creative … Continued

Brand: GNC
Service: Street Team Marketing - Product Sampling
Client: Edelman

GNC Product Sampling Street Team Marketing for Edelman in New York City

Edelman engaged ALT TERRAIN to assist with the launch of a new GNC protein product line ‘Marked’ via a New … Continued

Brand: Samsung
Service: Mobile Marketing Tour
Client: Zeno Group

Samsung Galaxy Experiential Marketing Activation Tour for ZENO Group

Global marketing communications agency ZENO Group selected ALT TERRAIN to produce and manage their ‘Summer of Play’ mobile experiential marketing … Continued

Brand: Amtrak Auto Train
Service: 3D Mobile Billboard
Client: Arnold / MPG

Amtrak 3D Mobile Billboard Advertising Activation for Arnold / HAVAS Media

Arnold and HAVAS Media (formally MPG) once again steps up with a one-of-a-kind creative concept; customize SUVs look like suitcases … Continued

Brand: MINI Cooper
Service: Creative Mobile Billboard
Client: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP)

MINI Cooper Mobile Advertising Billboard Truck Marketing Activation for BSSP

Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners entrusted ALT TERRAIN to assist with a one-of-a-kind reverse/clean creative art truck mobile billboard initiative … Continued

Brand: HP
Service: Street Art Mural
Client: DesignKitchen

HP Street Mural Advertising in Los Angeles for DesignKitchen

The superb interactive agency, DesignKitchen, employed ALT TERRAIN to create a large-scale street art advertising mural billboard in Los Angeles … Continued

Video Game Guerilla Marketing Example- New York City

Service: Guerilla Marketing
Client: Tangible Media

CAPCOM Video Game Guerilla Marketing Activation for Tangible Media

For this video game street marketing, guerilla activation stunt we froze preview copies of CAPCOM’s Lost Planet 2 video game … Continued

Brand: GoldToe
Service: Guerilla Marketing - Statue PR Marketing Stunt
Client: Aspen Marketing

GoldToe Guerilla PR Marketing Stunt for Aspen Marketing

Aspen Marketing recruited ALT TERRAIN to implement their brilliantly conceived guerrilla marketing PR-marketing stunt for the launch of GoldToe’s undershirt … Continued

Brand: HBO / Curb Your Enthusiasm
Service: Experiential Activation + Event Marketing Permit
Client: Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners

HBO Experiential Marketing New York City and Los Angeles Example for Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners

ALT TERRAIN helped produce the simple yet brilliant concept by Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners to promote the 9th season of Curb … Continued

Brand: Lung Cancer Alliance
Service: Guerilla Video Projections + Wild Postings
Client: Laughlin Constable

Lung Cancer Awareness Nonprofit Wild Postings for Laughlin Constable

Laughlin Constable’s super creative and controversial campaign for Lung Cancer Alliance consisted of a ‘tease and reveal’ poster advertising initiatives … Continued

Brand: Ft. Lauderdale Tourism
Service: Mobile Showcase
Client: Starmark Marketing

Ft. Lauderdale Tourism Destination Marketing Mobile Experiential Truck for Starmark

Starmark, the multidisciplinary agency specializing in tourism and destination marketing, leveraged the Mobile Showcase to experientially promote Ft. Lauderdale tourism. … Continued

Brand: EA Games / Need for Speed
Service: Event Graffiti Art Performance Tour
Client: Bill Graham Special Events

EA Games Event Graffiti Art Performances for Bill Graham Events

ALT TERRAIN implements “Need for Speed Most Wanted” Video Game Event Graffiti Art Performances at Formula-D races across the country … Continued

Brand: Nesquik
Service: Graffiti Art Performance + Video Game Marketing Tour
Client: Publicis Dialog

Nesquik Marketing Tour Graffiti Art Performance Activation for Publicis

To leverage Nesquik’s sponsorship of GameRiot, a national videogame marketing tour, Publicis Dialog hired ALT TERRAIN to handle graffiti art … Continued

Brand: TBS
Service: Brand Installation
Client: CPC Intersect

Convention Hotel Brand Installations in Chicago for CPC Intersect

For two years running the CPC Intersect hired ALT TERRAIN to create an undeniable presence for their client, TBS Just … Continued

Katy Perry Fragrance Product Launch Event - New York City

Brand: Katy Perry Purr Fragrance
Service: Outdoor Pop-Up Shop Event Marketing
Client: StreetVirus

Katy Perry Fragrance Pop-Up Shop Event Marketing for StreetVirus

Entertainment marketing agency StreetVirus enlisted ALT TERRAIN to help plan, produce and execute the New York City outdoor pop-up shop … Continued

Outdoor Disney Book Marketing Event New York City - ALT TERRAIN

Brand: Disney Books
Service: Outdoor Event Marketing
Client: StreetVirus

Disney Experiential Marketing Event for StreetVirus

The entertainment marketing agency StreetVirus enlisted ALT TERRAIN to plan, staff and manage a Disney Pop-Up Marketing Event for ‘Heroes … Continued

Guerilla Billboard, Times Square, New York City

Brand: United Colors of Benetton
Service: Guerilla Marketing Billboard
Client: 72andSunny

Benetton Guerilla Marketing for 72andSunny

72andSunny reconnects Benetton with its former glory as a boundary-breaking fashion brand with their global UnHate advertising campaign. ALT TERRAIN … Continued

Brand: Givenchy
Service: Mobile Pop-up Art Installation + Guerilla Video Projections
Client: Chandelier Creative

Givenchy Cosmetics Marketing Activation for Chandelier Creative

Chandelier Creative, one of the premier fashion advertising and marketing agencies, enlisted ALT TERRAIN to implement a beautifully conceived mobile … Continued

Brand: Fuze Beverages / Coca-Cola
Service: Double Decker Bus + Street Team Marketing
Client: The Martin Agency

FUZE Beverages Flash Mob + Double Decker Bus Street Marketing for The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency ingeniously leverages a branded double-decker bus to transport a flash mob of 24 tea leaf costumed characters … Continued

Brand: Sears
Service: Outdoor Event Marketing + Street Team Marketing
Client: HAVAS PR

Sears Times Square Experiential Marketing Brand Installation Event for HAVAS PR

HAVAS PR (formerly Euro RSCG) smartly leverages a Times Square Island Marketing Event as the centerpiece to relaunch The Sears … Continued

Brand: Vera Wang / David's Bridal
Service: Mobile Showcase
Client: PR Consulting

David’s Bridal x Vera Wang Mobile Showcase Tour for PR Consulting

The premier fashion and cosmetics public relations agency PR Consulting brings exclusive David’s Bridal Vera Wang wedding dresses to consumers … Continued

Brand: Nikita / CW
Service: Street Team + Standee Scavenger Hunt
Client: StreetVirus

CW Scavenger Hunt Marketing for StreetVirus

Creative marketing agency, StreetVirus, partnered with ALT TERRAIN to help plan and implement an interactive Street Standee Scavenger Hunt marketing … Continued

Brand: Tamagotchi
Service: Costumed Character Street Team + Brand Sampling
Client: Dentsu

Tamagotchi Street Marketing for Dentsu

To reintroduce the lovable Tamagotchi to a new generation of kids, globally respected agency, Dentsu recruited ALT TERRAIN to implement … Continued

Expedia Outdoor Event Marketing

Service: Outdoor Event Marketing
Client: Deutsch

Expedia Experiential Marketing Event for Deutsch LA

Deutsch LA appointed ALT TERRAIN to organize, produce and manage Expedia pop-up experiential marketing events in various Chicago locations over … Continued

T.G.I.Friday's Street Team Marketing - Orlando

Brand: T.G.I.Friday's
Service: Guerilla Video Projection + Wild Posting + Street Team Marketing
Client: Peppercom

T.G.I.Friday’s Street Marketing for Peppercom

Peppercom enlisted ALT TERRAIN to execute guerilla video projections, wild postings and street team marketing to promote Mayan End of … Continued

Agent Provocateur Fashion Week New York Street Team Marketing - New York City

Brand: Agent Provocateur
Service: Fashion Week Street Team Marketing
Client: Jack Agency

Agent Provocateur Fashion Week Street Marketing for Jack Agency (UK)

Jack Agency in the UK enlisted ALT TERRAIN to staff, train and oversee an Agent Provocateur street marketing team to … Continued

City Street Pole Poster Advertising Company Example - Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

Brand: Kilbeggan Whiskey
Service: Wild Postings
Client: Starcom

Kilbeggan Whiskey Wild Postings for Starcom USA

Starcom entrusted ALT TERRAIN to print, place and manage Kilbeggan Whiskey’s Wild Postings initiatives in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and … Continued

New Balance Sneaker Pull-Tab Take-One Wild Postings Creative Advertising Example in Brooklyn, New York

Brand: New Balance
Service: Wild Postings
Client: Boathouse Group

New Balance Pull-Tab Wild Posting Advertising for Boathouse Group

Boathouse Group’s creatively bold New Balance advertising campaign questioned the absence of teamwork and sportsmanship in professional sports. Boathouse Group enlisted … Continued