Experiential Marketing Cheese Food Product Sampling Company Installation Example - Westlake Center, Seattle, WA
Mall Experiential Installation Company Example - Seattle, WA
Darigold Cheese Company Experiential Marketing Mall Installation - Spokane, WA
Experiential CPG Food Brand Experience Installation - Seattle, WA
Darigold Cheese Experiential Marketing Event Product Sampling Activation
Experiential Marketing Cheese Company Brand Installation - Seattle, WA
Food Brand Product Sampling Bicycle  Activation - Seattle, WA
Cheese Product Sampling Experiential Marketing Brand Installation - Seattle, WA


Wexley, an advertising agency with expertise in cultivating love for brands, enlisted ALT TERRAIN to help produce their cleverly conceived Darigold cheese experiential marketing installation.

The experiential installation involved a larger-than-life mousetrap, musicians, bike kiosks, and surprise-and-delight treats.

As people approached the mousetrap installation, the musicians played increasing ominous music.

People who interacted with the marketing installation were approached by brand ambassadors, handed trial-size cheese product samples, and entered into a contest.

Darigold cheese samples were stored and distributed from a branded product sampling bicycle with a cheeseboard top.

A photographer and videographer were onsite to capture consumer interactions with the experiential installation for content marketing.

The installations took place outdoors outside Westlake Center in Seattle and inside malls in Spokane and other locations.

ALT TERRAIN assisted with experiential marketing activation planning, storage, transport, staffing, training, onsite installation, management, and reporting.

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