Engage students on-campus with poster advertising, street teams and experiential brand activations via College Marketing

Community College Student Recruitment Enrollment Street Team Marketing - Downtown Manhattan, New York City
Northface Bike Share Sponsorship College On-Campus Brand Billboard Advertising - Washington, DC
MIT On-Campus Poster Advertising Company Example - Cambridge, MA
College Tailgating Street Team Marketing - Los Angeles
K-Swiss Sneaker UCLA Tailgating College Marketing - Los Angeles
CW Nikita TV Series Street Team Marketing - Berkeley, CA
Primark Retail Store Opening College Campus Street Marketing Team Example - Northeastern University, Boston
College Campus Poster Advertising Company Example - Denver
New Balance On-Campus Poster Advertising Example - Boston, MA
Harvard University Bicycle Billboard On-Campus Advertising Company Example - Cambridge, MA
College Student Product Sampling Vehicle Company Example - Los Angeles
College of New Rochelle College Student Recruitment Marketing Example, New York City

College Marketing consists of company advertising and activations off and on-campus where students go to school, live, shop and socialize.

College students are your future consumers so dedicating ongoing marketing initiatives to engage this audience is essential for brand growth.

Engaging college students off and on-campus with street teams, posters, flyer distribution and host of other marketing tactics creates brand visibility, interaction, and sparks long-lasting relationships.

ALT TERRAIN college campus poster and experiential marketing coverage include over 200 US-based colleges and universities with a reach of 5+ million students.

The benefits of a College Marketing:

1.) Reach tens of thousands of students each day around large universities

2.) Students tend to be open to learning about new brands

3.) College is where first-time and lifelong opinions are formed

4.) Students typically have parent-funded disposable income

Cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Columbus, Minneapolis, and Atlanta offer the most value to companies when it comes to executing on and off-campus advertising and marketing due to the high-concentration, easy to reach, student populations.

College  Marketing can range from on-campus poster advertising to off-campus experiential street team marketing as noted below:

On-Campus & Off-Campus Poster Advertising examples consist of posters (and/or flyers) placed on college and university campuses as well as retail shops, cafes, and other locations that consumers frequent. The most popular posters mediums are 11″ x 17″ and 8.5″ x 11″ with pull-tabs, and flyers are typically 4″ x 6′ in size. Related to posters, advertising on door hangers is particularly effective as they are placed throughout dorms and student centers, on bicycle handle bars and other student frequented locations.

Off-Campus Experiential Marketing consist of street team activations, mobile marketing tours, food truck marketing, pop-up shops, nightlife activations and a variety of other consumer engagement activities. Off-campus marketing frees brands up from on-campus space and activity restrictions allowing for more creative student engagements. Off-campus experiential marketing activities can either be implemented with permission or guerilla-style, without permission depending upon the concept and location.

On-Campus Experiential Marketing examples range from a permitted product sampling initiative to an elaborate experiential event during outdoor springtime festivals. The main drawback to On-Campus Experiential Marketing is that schools often severely restrict how, when and where brands can market to students, plus activations often need to be sponsored by student groups.

At its essence, College Marketing is the engagement of students through their unique college routines and lifestyle, on and off-campus.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for off and on-campus College Marketing via posters, flyers, bike share and experiential activation ideas, pricing and company examples.

Brand: Nikita / CW
Service: Street Team + Standee Scavenger Hunt
Client: StreetVirus

CW Scavenger Hunt Marketing for StreetVirus

Creative marketing agency, StreetVirus, partnered with ALT TERRAIN to help plan and implement an interactive Street Standee Scavenger Hunt marketing … Continued

New Balance Sneaker Pull-Tab Take-One Wild Postings Creative Advertising Example in Brooklyn, New York

Brand: New Balance
Service: Wild Postings
Client: Boathouse Group

New Balance Pull-Tab Wild Posting Advertising for Boathouse Group

Boathouse Group’s creatively bold New Balance advertising campaign questioned the absence of teamwork and sportsmanship in professional sports. Boathouse Group enlisted … Continued