Starmark, the multidisciplinary agency specializing in tourism and destination marketing, leveraged the Mobile Showcase to experientially promote Ft. Lauderdale tourism.

The exterior of the Mobile Showcase was wrapped with Ft. Lauderdale ‘Hello Sunny’ advertising visuals.

A beach scene consisting of white sand, palm trees, surfboard, life guard mannequin and chair was installed inside the experientially marketing Mobile Showcase glass wall display truck.

The mobile marketing vehicle was driven throughout New York City, Washington DC and Chicago.

At permitted activation locations swimsuit models played with beach balls and lounged on chairs inside the the Mobile Showcase along with activities outside the vehicle.

The Mobile Showcase truck was deployed for a New York City morning show appearance, at a Times Square experiential marketing event and in Chicago on N. Michigan for public relations events.

ALT TERRAIN provided Mobile Showcase and mobile marketing tour planning, vehicle wrapping, interior installation deployment and management.

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