Enhance experiential activations, trade shows, and pop-up shops with professional and talented event staff

Actor and Performer Event Staffing - New York City
CES DJ Event Staffing - Las Vegas
Child Actors Event Staffing - New York City
E3 Videogame Trade Show Company Booth Staff Example - Los Angeles
E3 Videogame Booth Brand Ambassador Company Example - Los Angeles
E3 Videogame Convention Brand Ambassador Company Example - Los Angeles
CES Experiential Event Product Demo Brand Ambassador Staff - Las Vegas

Our Event Staff offering involves the sourcing, training, and deployment of professional and talented individuals to enhance marketing activations, events, product launches, pop-up shops, corporate gatherings, trade shows, in-store events and other activities.

We can assist with training and deploying brand ambassadors, hostesses, performers, MCs, product demonstrators, actors, greeters, costumed characters, product samplers, models and/or mobile marketing tour personnel.

Specializing in trade show convention event staffing in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Las Vegas that require extensive planning, training, and management to ensure memorable and successful events.

ALT TERRAIN offers additional experiential event staff services; outfit or costume design, signage production, product pick-up, storage and delivery, casting calls, talent rehearsals, directors, product training, hair & make-up professionals, event lighting, musicians, furnishings, food catering, photographers, videographers, photographers and/or securing even more specialized event talent.

Contact ALT TERRAIN to learn more about our approach to plan and execute a successfully staffed event.