Give people memorable, positive and stimulating brand experiences while achieving company objectives with experiential marketing events

LEVI'S Experiential Marketing Event - Meatpacking Pedestrian Island, New York City
Listerine Yoga in Park Experiential Marketing Event - Union Square Park, New York City
Listerine Biz Markie Experiential Marketing Event - Union Square, New York City
Experiential Event Marketing Step & Repeat  - New York City
Union Square Outdoor Experiential Event Marketing - New York City
Experiential Event Marketing Step & Repeat Company Example - Union Square, New York City
34th Street Herald Square Experiential Event Marketing - New York City
Outdoor Experiential Event Marketing Example at The Grove - Los Angeles
Expedia Outdoor Experiential Marketing Pop-Up Event- Chicago
Expedia Outdoor Event Marketing Company Example - Chicago
Katy Perry Fragrance Pop-Up Shop Product Launch Event - Herald Sq. 34th Street, New York City
Fragrance Product Launch Event Example - Near Macy's 34th Street, New York City
Katy Perry Fragrance Perfume Product Launch Example - Herald Square, New York City
AT&T DirecTV Experiential Marketing Event Activation - Boston, MA
Time Square Outdoor Event Marketing Example - New York City
ListBasketball Experiential Marketing Event Experience - Union Square, NYC

Experiential event is the engagement of consumers with desirable brand experiences to achieve company objectives.

An experiential marketing event often integrates brand  sampling, demonstrations, and participatory experiences.

Ideally, experiential marketing event activities enhance attract new customers, deliver a brand message and actionably influence consumer purchase behavior.

ALT TERRAIN designs and executes a wide array of experiential marketing events to deliver value to people and companies alike.

Influencer marketing, public relations, and content creation are typically integrated into experiential marketing activations to amplify brand reach and effectiveness.

Experiential marketing events can be designed for a single location activation, a few cities simultaneously or as a national tour.

Our specialty is transforming outdoor locations into enjoyable, purposeful and sharable experiential marketing events that achieve specific brand objectives.

The primary benefits of experiential marketing events:

1.) Getting consumers to participate in a brand initiative

2.) Introducing the brand to new target consumers

2.) Maintaining relevancy among existing consumers

3.) Incentivizing product purchases

4.) Capturing content of people interacting with brand

5.) Inspiring consumers to digitally share their brand experience

6.) Gathering unique insights through physical interactions with consumers

7.) Leverage influencers, press and/or spokespeople as part of experiential marketing events

8.) A way for brands to standout in a competitive, crowded, limited-attention world

ALT TERRAIN equipped to handle all your experiential event needs:

1.) Event activation ideas to enhance brand positioning and accomplish goals

2.) Consumer experience architecture and planning

3.) Event asset planning, production, and branding (e.g. tents, stages, brand booths, banner flags, A-frames, gobo logo lighting, etc.)

4.) Consumer interaction activities (e.g. step & repeat, prize wheel, lounge, photo props, etc.)

5.) Location scouting, negotiation and contracting

6.) City, festival or private property permit process

7.) Event assets storage, transport, and installation

8.) Onsite event management

9.) Securing and training onsite event brand ambassadors

10.) Brand ambassador outfits and props

11.) $1-5MM liability insurance certificates (required by cities and property owners)

12.) Event security and crowd control

13.) Videographer and photographers

14.) Production of consumer giveaways

15.) Performer, press, celebrity and influencer handlers and management

Locations often available for a permitted Experiential Event are:

1.) Public Sidewalks

Select cities issue permits for sidewalk marketing activations. Allocated spaces are often curbside, typically 20-40′ wide and 4′ into the sidewalk from the curb. Often promotional vehicle parking permits are paired up with sidewalk marketing activations to create a larger brand presence. Lead-time to properly plan and secure permits for sidewalk marketing activations is often between 4 to 6 weeks.

2.) City Pedestrian Plazas / Islands

Often cities have designated outdoor, public access areas for companies to execute large brand experiential activations. Pedestrian plazas and islands typically offer between 1,500 and 3,000 sq. ft. for experiential marketing events. Lead-time to properly plan and secure city event permits is often between 4 to 6 weeks.

3.) Parks / Beaches

Select cities allow for companies in to implement experiential marketing activations inside parks and on beaches. When activating at city parks and beaches experiential marketing events, more often than not, need to have a strong public benefit element (something that enhances people park or beach experience) to secure permit approvals. Lead-time to properly plan and secure permits for park and beach marketing events is often between 6-9 weeks.

4.) Privately-Owned Outdoor Public Spaces

In many cities such as there are privately owned locations available to brands for experiential marketing activations. These locations are typically adjacent to public sidewalks and managed by office buildings or outdoor malls.

5.) Festivals

Private and public festivals are a common approach to implementing experiential marketing activations. These can range from music to beer to family-themed festivals. Most cities have dozens to hundreds of festivals, concerts, or events available for brand activations.

6.) Venues / Storefronts / Malls

This often encompasses marketing activations occurring inside storefronts (e.g. pop-up shops), malls and/or nightlife venues open to the public. When indoor they can be a one-night event or a monthlong experience.

We’re big believers in Experiential Marketing Events in all its variations as it lifts brands up in competitive environments, brings brand message to life in ways to establish long-lasting consumer relationships.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for experiential event marketing activation ideas, location fees, production rates and company examples for New York City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston and many other cities.

Listerine Brand Activation Sampling Marketing Event - Union Square, New York City

Brand: Listerine
Service: Experiential Marketing Event
Client: JWT

Listerine Experiential Marketing Event Activation – Union Square, New York City

  The preeminent J. Walter Thompson (JWT) strategic advertising agency enlisted ALT TERRAIN to produce their Listerine ‘Bring Out the … Continued

Brand: Citibank / Citibike
Service: Experiential Marketing Event
Client: Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Citibank Union Square Experiential Marketing Event for Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Publicis Kaplan Thaler selected ALT TERRAIN to help plan, permit, produce and manage the Citibike experiential activation launch event in … Continued

Brand: HBO / Curb Your Enthusiasm
Service: Experiential Activation + Event Marketing Permit
Client: Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners

HBO Experiential Marketing New York City and Los Angeles Example for Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners

ALT TERRAIN helped produce the simple yet brilliant concept by Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners to promote the 9th season of Curb … Continued

Katy Perry Fragrance Product Launch Event - New York City

Brand: Katy Perry Purr Fragrance
Service: Outdoor Pop-Up Shop Event Marketing
Client: StreetVirus

Katy Perry Fragrance Pop-Up Shop Event Marketing for StreetVirus

Entertainment marketing agency StreetVirus enlisted ALT TERRAIN to help plan, produce and execute the New York City outdoor pop-up shop … Continued

Outdoor Disney Book Marketing Event New York City - ALT TERRAIN

Brand: Disney Books
Service: Outdoor Event Marketing
Client: StreetVirus

Disney Experiential Marketing Event for StreetVirus

The entertainment marketing agency StreetVirus enlisted ALT TERRAIN to plan, staff and manage a Disney Pop-Up Marketing Event for ‘Heroes … Continued

Expedia Outdoor Event Marketing

Service: Outdoor Event Marketing
Client: Deutsch

Expedia Experiential Marketing Event for Deutsch LA

Deutsch LA appointed ALT TERRAIN to organize, produce and manage Expedia pop-up experiential marketing events in various Chicago locations over … Continued