State Fair Graffiti Art Performance
Outdoor Event Graffiti Art Performance - Las Vegas
Outdoor Event Graffiti Art Performance Company Example - Las Vegas
Outdoor Graffiti Mural Marketing Performance in Miami
Outdoor Graffiti Mural Art Performance - Miami
Outdoor Event Graffiti Mural Performance - Miami
Indoor Event Graffiti Art Performance - Portland Event Marketing - Nequik 2
Indoor Event Graffiti Art Performance - Los Angeles

To leverage Nesquik’s sponsorship of GameRiot, a national videogame marketing tour, Publicis Dialog hired ALT TERRAIN to handle graffiti art performances at their events.

The Nesquik Marketing Tour Graffiti Art Performance Activation for Publicis involved artists integrating the Nesquik bunny, logo, and tag-line into their performance producing original work of arts in each city.

The Graffiti Art Performance Activations occurred in 10 cities including Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Portland, and New York City.

ALT TERRAIN handled graffiti art event performance planning, sourcing artists, wall construction, production, management and reporting.

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