Attract attention, engage consumers and generate shareworthy content with Guerilla Marketing activations

Dark Skies Movie Promotion Guerrilla Marketing Example - Houston, TX
Video Game Release Guerrilla Marketing Creative Example - San Francsico
Video Game Guerilla Marketing Advertising Example - San Francisco
Billboard Guerilla Marketing Company Example - New York City
Reverse Clean Stencil Sidewalk Guerilla Marketing Advertising Example - Pittsburgh
Sidewalk Chalk and Decal Guerilla Marketing Advertising Example - New York City
Street Chalk Stencil Guerilla Advertising - Miami
Statue Takeover Guerilla Marketing Creative Example - New York City
Guerilla Mobile Billboard - New York City
Michigan Avenue Advertising Guerilla Marketing Signage - Chicago
P. Diddy 'Last Train to Paris' CD Release Guerilla Marketing Subway Sign - New York City
Guerrilla Marketing Sticker Bombing Wild Posting - Melrose, Los Angeles
MLB & MasterCard Guerilla Marketing Car Window Cling Advertising - Chicago, IL
MasterCard Baseball Opening Day Guerilla Marketing Car Window Cling Advertising - New York City
MasterCard Guerrilla Marketing Baseball Opening Day - Downtown, Chicago
Guerilla Marketing Billboard Sign Advertising - Downtown Brooklyn, New York City

Guerilla marketing (also know as stealth and ambush marketing by certain companies) activations are original, relevant and attention-grabbing brand marketing ideas implemented without asking city or property owner permission.

The best guerilla marketing concepts are those that are consumers gravitate towards, engage with and share with friends.

Due to the never-been-done-before nature of guerilla marketing companies typically implement concepts without asking permission from cities, events or property owners.

Guerilla Marketing remains a rising form of marketing as one-of-a-kind activations attract consumers, drive organic social media posts, and provide valuable content for brand marketing or public relations purposes.

Guerilla Marketing can range a wide variety of tactics from creative brand installations to a simple sidewalk chalking.

It is always best for guerilla marketing campaigns to:

1.) Set goals

2.) Be original

2.) Leverage local cityscape and culture

3.) Integrate brand positioning and message

3.) Delight, benefit and include the public

4.) Measure results

To achieve the above successful guerilla marketing activations often involve extensive research and planning to ensure campaigns resonate with target audiences while circumventing consumer, city and property owner concerns.

ALT TERRAIN assists with a wide variety of activation needs including:

1.) Develop deas based on brand, message and goal

2.) Planning and location scouting

3.) Fabrication of guerrilla marketing supplies, props, outfits and brand installations

4.) Pre-activation logistical support (e.g. storage, transport, inventory management, etc.)

5.) Deployment and management of activations in multiple cities simultaneously

7.) High-quality content capture

9.) Real-time reporting

Note that when referencing guerilla marketing it’ll most likely be interpreted by people in a variety of ways. The original 1980s definition of guerrilla marketing surrounded being creative with limited resources, by the 1990s/2000s everything creatively executed in a nontraditional manner, from billboards to a bus shelters, was being classified as “guerrilla marketing” so an updated definition was embraced by many companies redefining it as creative, tangible, marketing activities that are implemented with asking permission from events, cities or property owners. One hint as to which guerilla marketing definition someone is referencing is the way it is spelled; the original meaning is spelled with two Rs while the updated version is more often referenced spelled with a single R.

In addition to the above definition, Guerilla Marketing has multiple variants so for your reference:

Outdoor Guerilla Marketing (sometimes cited as Street Marketing by certain companies) can encompass activations that temporarily add advertising to the cityscape such as with chalk stencils, sidewalk decals, and statue takeovers. It can also include a variety of guerilla advertising signage or object-type placements throughout the city ranging from lawn signs to guerilla-cling posters. Outdoor Guerilla Marketing can also be implemented by removing or rearranging items in the public space such as with clean reverse sidewalk advertising stencils and beach sand stamp advertising.

Indoor Guerilla Marketing is defined as executing marketing activations inside publicly accessible, private property locations such as transit stations, college campuses and inside retailers. This can encompass activations ranging from flash mob performances to signage placement. Indoor guerilla marketing is often difficult to execute as privately operated locations (e.g. subways, parks, malls, etc.) typically have security that notices out of the ordinary activities.

Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing is defined by executing marketing activations inside or outside large events such as sports areas, festivals and/or trade show conventions without permission. The aim is to associate a brand with the event and/or connect with consumers attending a specific event without paying traditional sponsorship fees. This form of guerilla marketing is often challenging as many events have assigned security on the lookout for any unauthorized marketing activities, plus large events (e.g. Super Bowl, SXSW, X Games, etc.) coordinate with cities to create ‘advertising free or clean zone’ to protect official sponsors.

Experiential Guerilla Marketing can either be indoor, outdoor or ambush, however the execution is dependent upon consumer participation. Experiential Guerrilla Marketing can range from an unauthorized sidewalk pop-up shop to a scavenger hunt that places items throughout cities.

We’re big proponents of guerilla marketing as people gravitate towards original, contextual and relevant activations that have a bit of ‘edge’.

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Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Billboard Advertising Activation in Midtown, New York City

Brand: 4 World Trade Center
Service: Guerrilla Marketing Billboard Activation
Client: Core Twelve Agency

Real Estate Guerrilla Marketing in New York City for Core Twelve Agency

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Video Game Guerilla Marketing Example- New York City

Service: Guerilla Marketing
Client: Tangible Media

CAPCOM Video Game Guerilla Marketing Activation for Tangible Media

For this video game street marketing, guerilla activation stunt we froze preview copies of CAPCOM’s Lost Planet 2 video game … Continued

Brand: GoldToe
Service: Guerilla Marketing - Statue PR Marketing Stunt
Client: Aspen Marketing

GoldToe Guerilla PR Marketing Stunt for Aspen Marketing

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Guerilla Billboard, Times Square, New York City

Brand: United Colors of Benetton
Service: Guerilla Marketing Billboard
Client: 72andSunny

Benetton Guerilla Marketing for 72andSunny

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