Core Twelve agency worked with ALT TERRAIN to plan, produce, deploy and manage a real estate guerilla marketing advertising campaign to promote the unveiling of the 4 World Trade Center building to the public throughout Midtown in New York City.

The guerrilla marketing activation involved a custom fabricated, human-powered mobile billboard that replicated the wonderful views from 4 World Trade Center.

The guerrilla marketing mobile billboard activation ‘delivered’ the views from 4 World Trade Center to Midtown Manhattan with the aim of sparking interest in relocating businesses downtown to 4 World Trade Center.

Two 6′ high x 12′ wide mobile billboards showcasing 4 World Trade Center window views were fabricated and mobilized to allow branded street teams to easily roll them throughout the streets of New York City.

The guerrilla marketing billboard activation teams distributed flyers inviting people working in Midtown to experience the office views from 4 World Trade Center.

The guerrilla marketing activation consisted of two guerrilla marketing mobile billboard teams creating an undeniable presence around specific Midtown Manhattan office buildings in addition to Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle over 5-consecutive days.

ALT TERRAIN assisted with guerrilla marketing activation planning, design, fabrication, staffing, outfitting, route planning, transport, deployment, content capture, onsite management and documentation.