Product Sampling via Food Truck Marketing Company Example - Boston
Food Truck Product Sampling - Boston
Food Truck Marketing and Advertising Example - Boston
Food Truck Street Marketing Advertising Example - Philadelphia
Food Truck Street Marketing Advertising Company Example - Philly

TDA enlisted ALT TERRAIN for an multi-city food truck marketing program for their client Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes.

Two food trucks in Boston and two in Philadelphia integrated Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes into their menu offerings, distributed complimentary samples to consumers, plus placed branded signage on their trucks.

The signs on the trucks creatively informed consumers that they utilize Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes when local tomatoes are out of season.

The integrated food truck advertising and marketing initiative served up tens of thousands of samples over 3-months, however just as important it aligned the Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes brand with local food culture influencers in Boston and Philadelphia.

ALT TERRAIN handled food truck operator agreements, menu planning, product storage, shipping and logistics, plus general planning, reporting and management.

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