Always x TED Conference Event - New York City
Interactive PR Event Brand Installation Graffiti Wall - New York City
Public Relations Event Production Interactive Installation Company - New York City
Interactive Public Relations Event Installation Graffiti Wall - New York City
Always #LIKEAGIRL Interactive Experiential Brand Installation - New York City
Always #LIKEAGIRL TED Confidence Summit Event - New York City
Always #LIKEAGIRL x TED Event Custom Fabricated Stage Box Installation
Always #LIKEAGIRL Custom Fabricated Box Stage Installation Props - YouTube Studios, New York City
Always Event Entrance Wall Decal Singage Installation - New York City

MSLGROUP entrusted ALT TERRAIN to help plan, design, fabricate and produce an interactive installation, stage structures, and signage for the unveiling of the Always #LIKEAGIRL Unstoppable Confidence Summit in partnership with TED.

The public relations event held at Google YouTube Space in New York City included a consumer engagement interactive graffiti wall that allowed attendees and kids to express what #LIKEAGIRL confidence means to them. The interactive wall was hosted by two onsite brand ambassadors to invite and assist attendees with the digital graffiti wall installation.

The stage structures included custom fabricated light-up Always #LIKEAGIRL-branded plexiglass boxes.

Both the interactive installation and stage structures were designed to reflect #LIKEAGIRL Unstoppable Confidence Summit’s theme of society’s boxes that need to disassembled for girls to reach their full potential.

Entranceway signage included vinyl lettering decal printing, cutting and installation.

The Always #LIKEAGIRL public relations event was attended by media outlets and influencers from around the world, plus streamed live on YouTube. Maisie Williams, from Game of Thrones fame, was the guest celebrity speaker.

ALT TERRAIN assisted with the public relations event planning, pre-event site walk-throughs, design, wall production, interactive software, technical team, equipment, stage prop fabrication, brand ambassador staffing, transportation, installation and management.

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