Consumer Engagement Street Event Marketing - Back Bay, Boston Street Marketing Product Sampling Company Bicycle Team - S. Michigan Ave, The Loop, Chicago Product Sampling Street Marketing - Back Bay, Boston
Jet Street Product Sampling Marketing Bike Team - Boston, MA
Jet Street Marketing Product Sampling Team - Boston, MA
Jet Grocery Street Event Marketing - South Street, Philadelphia, the e-commerce pioneer, entrusted ALT TERRAIN to help with experientially promoting their new fresh grocery offerings.

Street marketing kiosk teams were deployed throughout Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston engaging people with brand conversations, product samples, and marketing materials.

With relatively new brand, the street marketing kiosk teams demonstrated the unique website shopping experience and educated people about brand offerings.

Specifically, the three city street marketing tour highlighted’s new fresh grocery delivery, including frozen product, offerings.

Product samples distributed were Ben & Jerry Pint Slices and Mr. Mochi ice cream which was embraced by people on hot summer weekends.

The activation targeted people in busy weekend shopping districts and local events.

The experiential marketing activation engaged people engaged tens of thousands of people in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston.

ALT TERRAIN worked in conjunction with Jet’s talented marketing team to produce this unique on-the-street, experiential, brand promotion tour.

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