Los Angeles Experiential Marketing and Outdoor Billboard Advertising ideas for its unique neighborhoods, consumers, and cultures

HP Sponsored Art Billboard Advertising - Hollywood, Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles Walking Billboards Advertising - Los Angeles
Guerilla Video Projection Billboard Advertising - Los Angeles
Hispanic Outdoor Advertising Wild Posting Advertising Example - East Los Angeles
Staples Center Event Creative Outdoor Advertising Example - Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a cornerstone of outdoor billboard advertising and experiential marketing activations due to its city size, diverse population, the origination of consumer trends, abundance cultural influencers and its year-round great weather!

The overwhelming majority of consumers in Los Angeles utilize vehicles to travel from place-to-place making it challenging environment to engage consumers with marketing activations. ALT TERRAIN assists with the planning, producing and execution of creative outdoor advertising billboards and on-the-street experiential marketing activations that overcome the Los Angeles challenging environment.

One of the most common approaches for companies is to connect Los Angeles consumers in their cars is large-format outdoor advertising (e.g. billboards, wild postings, brand-sponsored murals, etc.) due to the amount of inordinate time spent in their vehicles. Creative mobile billboard is another way to make an impression in Los Angeles consumer car-centric culture.

To overcome the challenge of how brands can engage consumers one-on-one in Los Angeles, experiential marketing programs can be activated at outdoor malls, boardwalks, beaches, public parks via specialized permits. Brand can additionally connect with consumers without permits at specific times and locations where people congregate in public areas such as downtown business district during weekdays, Santa Monica on weekends, Hollywood & Highland any day of the week and around reoccurring events (e.g. Downtown Art Walk, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Staples Center, Microsoft Theater, etc.)

Another reason Los Angeles is attractive city for marketing are the multitude of high-profile nationally-watched events (e.g. Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, X Games, E3, People’s Choice Awards, etc.) as brands can often activate around and associated themselves with them for content marketing and/or public relations purposes.

Additionally, Los Angeles’ historic and ever-evolving Hispanic-American population is integrated throughout the city providing opportunities for brands to interact with a wide swath of the ‘new general market’.

Los Angeles marketing and advertising coverage with walking billboards, bike billboards, street team marketing and other mediums include; Santa Monica, Venice, Downtown, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silver Lake, Westwood, East L.A. and many other areas.

For creative outdoor marketing and advertising ideas that leverage Los Angeles’ unique environment, population and culture contact ALT TERRAIN for a custom proposal based on brand objectives.