McDonald's Sweet Tea Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard Promotional Vehicle Activation - Cambridge, MA
McDonald's Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard Advertising Activation - Downtown, Boston
McDonald's Summer Experiential Marketing Activation Example, South Shore, MA
McDonald's Summer Iced Drink Advertising & Beach Marketing - New Hampshire, MA
Ice Coffee Misting Fan Mobile Billboard Creative Example - Cape Cod, MA
Creative McDonald's Beach Billboard Advertising Example - Newport, RI
Misting Fan Mobile Billboard Consumer Experience Company - Cape Cod, MA
McDonald's Mobile Billboard Summer Iced Drink Promotional Vehicle Outdoor Event Activation Example - Cape Cod, MA

Havas Media Group (formally MPG) and Arnold enlisted ALT TERRAIN to bring McDonald’s ice coffee experience to life via a creative experiential marketing misting fan mobile billboard.

A mobile billboard brought a welcomed cool wall of air to overheated consumers on the city streets of Boston, New Haven, Hartford, Providence and along New England beach areas.

The misting fan mobile billboard marketing activation highlighted McDonald’s newly launched Newman’s Own Organic Iced Coffee and the following year for their Sweet Tea product offering.

Street teams alongside the mobile billboard deployment engaged consumers with brand messaging and free coupons to try the iced tea and coffee to initiate product trial and increase restaurant traffic.

The mobile billboard is a experiential marketing activation as it created an enjoyable, physically interactive experience that represented the attributes of both iced beverage product.

ALT TERRAIN provided creative mobile billboard planning, mobile billboard, printing, fan installation, staffing, deployment, management and reporting.

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