Transform trucks, trailers, vans, Airstreams and SUVs into standout consumer engagement Experiential Marketing Vehicles

DirecTV Mobile Experiential Event Marketing Lounge Vehicle, Boston MA
Experiential Product Sampling Marketing Vehicle - Los Angeles
Experiential Street Marketing SUV - Los Angeles
Converse Mobile Marketing  and Product Showcase Vehicle - New York City
Converse Influencer Street Marketing Activation, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Cosmetics & Hair Care Brand Activation Care Example at Music Festival, Philadelphia
Music Festival Experiential Marketing Makeover Trailer - Philadelphia
Mobile Marketing Tour Creative Example - New York City
Mobile Marketing Tour Creative Example - Chicago North Beach
McDonald's 3D Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard Example, Downtown Boston, MA

Our Experiential Marketing Vehicle offering is the customization of trucks, SUVs, trailers, vans, flatbeds, ice cream trucks or mobile billboards into unique brand promotion and experience vehicles to attract and engage consumers.

Mobile marketing promotional vehicles can be deployed on the streets of cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC or at events such as music festivals, conventions and stadium tailgating.

The benefit of deploying an Experiential Marketing Vehicle on the public streets is that expensive city marketing permits are often not required to interact with consumers.

The benefit of deploying experiential marketing trucks, trailers and vans at permission-based events is that the vehicle can serve as a centerpiece avoiding the need for tents and other event elements.

Typically promotional vehicles customization includes an advertising wrap, server window, product displays and demos, audio speakers, 3D rooftop signage, interior shelving, prize wheels and WiFi and other consumer engagement elements to achieve brand engagement objectives.

Experiential Marketing Vehicles often resonate beyond the activation via consumer social media integration.

Below are descriptions and definitions for the most common types of experiential marketing vehicles:

Experiential Marketing SUV (or Van) with Rooftop Installation – Converting an SUV or van with a rooftop installation is the most common type of experiential marketing vehicle as they provide the most cost-effective way to provide a noticeable on-the-street presence, versatility in terms of transit and parking, plus decent storage for consumer giveaways or activation props.

Experiential Marketing Van or Truck – Step-vans (also known as food truck-style vehicle) and trucks are often equipped and deployed for on-the-street and in-event experiential activations. They allow for a lot of space to wrap to create a noticeable advertising presence, large storage for event activation elements, plus often a large server window as a means to engage consumers. Step-vans can also be converted to allow the public to walk-up inside them to act as a mobile showroom and/or pop-up shop.

Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard – Equipping a traditional mobile billboard (or billboard trailer) with 3D elements and consumer activation activities is another approach to producing an experiential marketing vehicle. Although they provide the most visual presence they often limited in terms of parking and certain cities have mobile billboard restrictions that limit deployment options.

Experiential Marketing Trailer – Is defined as the conversion of an enclosed vehicle trailer to serve as a consumer engagement space for pop-up shops, makeovers or other brand experiences. The drawback of trailers as they are often too large to deploy on the public streets so they are most widely utilized at music festivals, sports arenas,and other city events.

ALT TERRAIN can assist with all aspects of your Experiential Marketing Vehicle from ideation, planning, truck sourcing, fabrication, logistics, staffing, insurance, deployment, management and real-time reporting for social media purposes.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for Experiential Marketing Vehicle campaign ideas, pricing and and company examples.

Converse Pop-Up Experiential Marketing Activation Vehicle - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brand: Converse Footwear
Service: Experiential Marketing Vehicle + Dedicated Wild Postings + Street Team Activation
Client: F.I.T.B.P. and Anomaly

Converse Footwear Street Experiential Marketing | Street Poster Advertising Footwear Activation for F.I.T.B.P. and Anomaly

  Fill In the Blank Productions and Anomaly engaged ALT TERRAIN to activate an experiential Converse portrait studio vehicle to photograph … Continued

Supermarket Family and Kids Food Product Sampling - Los Angeles, CA

Brand: De Wafelbakkers
Service: Experiential Product Sampling Tour
Client: Shared Vision Marketing Agency

De Wafelbakkers’ Pancakes Supermarket Experiential Product Sampling Tour for Shared Vision Marketing

Shared Vision Marketing Agency entrusted ALT TERRAIN to assist with activating a uniquely conceived De Wafelbakkers’ pancake experiential product sampling activation … Continued

McDonald's Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard Activation, Boston, MA

Brand: McDonald's
Service: Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard
Client: Havas Media Group / Arnold

McDonald’s Experiential Marketing Mobile Billboard for Havas Media Group / Arnold

Havas Media Group (formally MPG) and Arnold enlisted ALT TERRAIN to bring McDonald’s ice coffee experience to life via a creative … Continued

Brand: Samsung
Service: Mobile Marketing Tour
Client: Zeno Group

Samsung Galaxy Experiential Marketing Activation Tour for ZENO Group

Global marketing communications agency ZENO Group selected ALT TERRAIN to produce and manage their ‘Summer of Play’ mobile experiential marketing … Continued