Experiential Mobile Marketing Tour Street Poster Advertising Promotion - Cambridge, MA
Patagonia Worn Wear Mobile Markeitng Tour Poster - Seattle, WA
Allston Street Poster Advertising Company Example - Boston, MA
Seattle Street Pole Poster Advertising, Seattle, Wa
Street Pole Poster Advertising Company Example - International District, Seattle, WA
College Campus Tour Poster Example - Raleigh NC
Event Marketing Tour Poster Advertising Company Example - Portland, OR
Cafe Poster Advertising Company Example - Nashville, TN
Cafe Bulletin Board Poster Advertising Example - Raleigh, NC
Street Marketing Poster Advertising Company - Seattle, WA

Consumer engagement agency 206 selected ALT TERRAIN to initiate a multi-city 11″ x 17″ cardstock wild posting to promote Patagonia’s experiential mobile marketing tour.

Posters were placed the weeks prior to the Patagonia Mobile Worn Wear Tour arriving in Seattle, Portland, Nashville, Boston, Raleigh and Chicago.

The posters were printed on recyclable paper as the purpose for the Patagonia tour was to help people extend the life of our garments to lower the environmental impact on the planet.

Tour promotion posters were placed on city street poles, building construction sites, storefronts, inside cafes and on college campuses. In each city specific neighborhoods were selected to ensure posters were viewed by the intended type of consumers.

ALT TERRAIN handled planning, poster printing, shipping, logistics, placements, reporting and management.