Take your brand experience to the city streets with a Mobile Showroom experiential marketing vehicle

Mobile Makeover Pop-Up Experiential Marketing Vehicle Event Salon - Midtown, New York City
Lifetime Series Mobile Experiential Marketing Show Advertising Truck - Midtown, New York City
Mobile Showroom Experiential Display Truck Company Example - Manhattan, New York City
Experiential Mobile Display Advertising Showroom Billboard Truck - Midtown, NY
Ft. Lauderdale Destination Marketing Experiential Activation Vehicle - N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
Ft. Lauderdale Tourism Mobile Advertising Billboard and Experiential Marketing Showroom - Manhattan, New York City
Fashion Pop-Up Event Marketing Showroom Tour Truck - Back Bay, Boston
Fashion Week Mobile Clothing Showroom Marketing - Soho, New York City
Fashion Outlet Mobile Billboard 3D Showcase Advertising - Richmond, VA
Mobile Billboard Snow Globe Diorama Showcase Vehicle - Washington DC
Givenchy Cosmetics  Outdoor Marketing Advertising Billboard Truck - Soho, New York City

Mobile Showroom is a glass-walled, walk-in, pop-up marketing truck to allow consumers to experience 3D brand installations, elaborate product demonstrations, pop-up shops and experiential marketing activations.

The Mobile Showroom advertising vehicle is available for brand activations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston or for marketing tours.

The clear glass wall, Mobile Showroom marketing truck creates ten of thousands of consumer impressions daily in big cities such as New York, Chicago and Washington DC.

Moreover it provides an opportunity for brands to bring their creative experiential marketing ideas to life in a super-noticeable way.

The Mobile Showroom can be integrated as part of public relations activations or as an outdoor event marketing centerpiece.

The advantages of deploying a Mobile Showroom:

1.) Bring your brand experience to where consumers live, work, attend school and shop

2.) Visible mobile performance stage, pop-up shop and platform for public relations activations

3.) Flexibility and versatility (compared to experiential events tied to a specific location)

4.) Avoid costly city event marketing permits

5.) Reach target neighborhoods where outdoor advertising or event spaces are not available

6.) Implement outdoor marketing activations during cold winter months

The Mobile Showroom pop-up marketing truck can integrate video screens, performances, brand ambassadors, props, audio and other consumer engagement activation elements.

The glass wall showroom experiential marketing truck can be deployed for a single city activation or for national marketing tours.

Companies ranging from Givenchy, Lifetime, Vera Wang, Ft. Lauderdale Tourism to BP have utilized the Mobile Showroom in a variety of experiential marketing ways.

Below are a variety of Mobile Showroom uses and definitions:

Mobile Showcase Installation / Advertising Display Truck consists of an glass-walled truck with exterior wrap and interior display to create a brand presence in target neighborhoods. With Mobile Showcase Display installations the vehicle can be parked or driven around specific preplanned city routes. Installations can range from brand-sponsored art to tourism destination recreation to a simple product displays.

Mobile Pop-Up Shop typically consist of transforming the exterior and interior into the boutique shop environment via shelves, product displays, iPads, music, lounge seating, brand ambassadors and other elements for consumers to experience. With Mobile Pop-Up Shops there are stairs for consumers to enter from the rear of the vehicle. Typically city parking permits, sidewalk marketing and vending permits are secured for Mobile Pop-Up Shop activations.

Mobile Experiential Showroom consist of non-vending consumer experiences ranging from beauty makeover salons to immersive video game demonstrations. Experiences can either be executed with or without city parking permits. Typically brand ambassadors are deployed outside the Mobile Showcase to invite consumers inside the vehicle.

Event Activation Centerpiece consists of utilizing the mobile showcase vehicle as a event performance stage, broadcasting booth and/or brand display at outdoor festivals, concerts and/or public relations events.

After 10+ years we’re still advocates of deploying Mobile Showrooms as there is no better way to bring elaborate brand experiences to the public in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles and many other cities.

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Brand: Ft. Lauderdale Tourism
Service: Mobile Showcase
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