Deliver targeted advertising to specifc city locations with Mobile Digital Billboards

Zoho CRM Digital Mobile Billboard Moscone Convention Advertising - Soma, San Francisco
Digital Mobile Billboard Convention Advertising Company Example - Washington D.C.
 Mobile Video Cube Digital Billboard - Washington DC
Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising Company Example, New York City
Mobile Video Cube  - Washington DC
Digital Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising - Washington DC

Digital Mobile Billboard is a car, van or truck outfitted with digital video screens capable of delivering video advertising and consumer engagement to thousands of consumers daily in big cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston and San Francisco.

The advantage of Digital Mobile Billboards is that they can bring advertising to targeted locations where traditional or digital billboards may not be present.

It is a particularly effective form of outdoor advertising medium in cities with an abundance of nightlife pedestrian and vehicle traffic such as Miami, Chicago, New York City, Boston and San Francisco.

Additionally, it is effective for deployments around conversion centers, festivals and/or sports arenas.

Below is a variety of digital mobile billboard offerings and definitions:

Mobile Video Cube – A four-sided, stadium-style screen, mobile billboard placed atop an SUV. It stands out on the street due to its height and four-sided design. Vehicle advertising wrap can be applied to the SUV to enhance the Mobile Video Cube presence on the street. Note that the Mobile Video Cube digital mobile billboard offering is only visible in the evenings, post-sunset.

Mobile Rooftop Digital Billboard – Three-sided, day-bright, weather-proof LED digital screens placed on top of an SUV make this mobile digital advertising billboard standout on the streets day or night.

Mobile Video Advertising Truck – A box truck converted to display advertising video content during the evening, non-daylight, hours. The advantage style of mobile digital billboard advertising provides one large digital advertising screen.

ALT TERRAIN Digital Mobile Billboard offerings can be enhanced with advertising vehicle wraps, street teams and/or interactive elements.

We’re big fans of digital mobile billboard as it is more targeted than traditional billboards, provides brand interaction and standouts on the city streets.

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