Multicultural marketing engages consumers in city neighborhoods where they live, work, shop, and play

Laundromat Poster Advertising Example - Delaware
Walking Billboard Advertising, Downtown, Los Angeles
Hispanic Neighborhood Wild Postings Advertising - New York City
Walking Billboard Design for Hispanic Festival  - New York City
Barbershop Advertising New York City
Laundromat Urban Panel Advertising - New York City
Hispanic In-Store Bodega Advertising Company Example - Washington Heights, New York City
Spanish Wild Postings Outdoor Advertising - Washington Heights, New York City
Hispanic Walking Billboard Advertising - Los Angeles Company Example
Hispanic Outdoor Advertising Wild Posting Advertising Example - East Los Angeles
Wild Postings Company Example - Bushwick Brooklyn

Our Multicultural Marketing helps brands engage multigenerational Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Chinese and Brazilian consumers in city neighborhoods.

Derive tremendous brand value from engaging multicultural consumers where they live, shop, work and socialize.

With multicultural communities accounting for more than 40% of the population in most big cities companies have to have ongoing brand advertising and engagement outreach programs.

Examples of Multicultural Marketing in city neighborhoods are:

1.) Engaging consumers in around transit and shopping hubs with bilingual street team activations

2.) Participation in annual cultural festivals with experiential marketing activations

3.) One-sheet advertising posters signs placed in bodegas, barbershops, laundromats and college campuses

The advantage of Multicultural Marketing is that it allows brands to connect with target audiences through local culture and community connections.

ALT TERRAIN’s marketing and advertising coverage include big cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta as well as smaller ones such as Allentown and Charlotte with a high percentage of Hispanic consumers.

Below are the most commonly requested New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago neighborhoods for Hispanic advertising and marketing, however, forward us your specific cities and objectives for a custom proposal:

Contact ALT TERRAIN to learn about our effective Multicultural Marketing ideas, examples, strategies and pricing to reach a wide range of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Chinese and Brazilian consumers.