Utilze bars, lounges, and nightclubs to engage consumers with product sampling, brand activations and experiential marketing 

Nightlife Video Projection Balloons - New York City
Nightlife Team Product Sampling - Chicago
Nightlife Video Projection Screen - New York City
Nightclub Exterior Advertising Wrap - Chicago

Nightlife Marketing is the engagement of consumers inside nightclubs, music venues, and bars.

It typically involves brand-themed environments, interactive installations, performances, product sampling, video projections or experiential activations.

Nightlife Marketing is particularly important in cities with a widespread nightlife culture such as New York City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Philadelphia and various other cities.

Nightlife Marketing can include, but not limited to the ‘brand experience’ concept development (based on marketing objectives), venue selection, themed-environment installations, brand performances, event promotion, tabletop media, brand ambassadors, VJ video projection advertising, DJ brand shout-outs and national nightlife marketing tours.

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