Nonprofit Street Mural Community Activation Adveritsing - Springfield, MA
Hand-Painted Nonprofit Kid Health Street Mural Billboard Adveritsing - Springfield, MA
Kid Health Nonprofit Street Mural Community Outreach Marketing - Springfield, MA
Community Outreach Street Mural Adveritsing - Springfield, MA
Nonprofit Community Activation Street Mural - Springfield, MA
Hand-Painted Nonprofit Street Mural Adveritsing - Springfield, MA
Healthy Eating Nonprofit Community Event Activation Street Mural - Springfield, MA

Victors & Spoils enlisted ALT TERRAIN to produce nonprofit community outreach street marketing murals in Springfield MA for a wonderful and important activation; inspire moms to make healthy food choices for their kids.

Each hand-painted street mural celebrated a mother in the community who started making healthy eating fun and easy for their family.

The purpose was to spark interest in the cause, beautify the inner-city streetscapes and, most importantly, to let people know it is possible to feed kids fun, delicious and healthy foods on a limited budget.

As each street marketing mural was hand-crafted by the renowned artist Marka 27.

Throughout the mural production people from the community, including the moms in the murals, stopped by to take pictures, speak with the artist and engage in the process.

The nonprofit community outreach murals were complimented by local billboards, radio spots and other traditional outdoor advertising media handled by Victors & Spoils.

ALT TERRAIN assisted with securing mural locations, contracting the artist, overseeing production, plus general planning, management and reporting.

If your organization is in need of creative marketing activation ideas to enhance a nonprofit community outreach initiative we’d love to assist!