Transform outdoor environments into standalone advertising, experiential and/or interactive marketing installations

Brand Installation & Marketing Activation - West Lake Center, Seattle, WA
Building Wall Wheat-Paste Poster Art Installation - The High LIne, New York City
3D Billboard Wheat-Paste Poster Installation - Downtown, Chicago
Time Square Outdoor Experiential Event Marketing Example - New York City
Hotel Brand Installation Advertising - Chicago
Storefront Advertising Brand Installation - Chicago
Darigold Cheese Experiential Marketing Installation - West Lake Center, Seattle

Marketing Installation is the transformation of outdoor public spaces, building exteriors, bus shelters, office lobbies and retail storefronts into standalone advertising, experiential and/or interactive brand installations.

Marketing Installations are also known as a brand spectaculars, 3D billboards and ambient outdoor advertising in certain industries.

These one-of-a-kind brand installations are typically elaborate, standout structures that typically involve location scouting and assessment, design, fabrication, branding, storage, truck transportation, building permits, certificates of insurance and experienced install teams.

Marketing Installation can be executed for 1 day or up to 4 weeks depending on the concept, locations, and other factors.

They often serve as a centerpiece for product launches or public relations initiatives kickoffs.

Aside from generating memorable consumer experiences Marketing Installations drive considerable social media and press coverage.

Marketing Installations are often enhanced with interactive elements, street marketing teams or event elements.

ALT TERRAIN assists with a wide variety of marketing installation needs:

1.) Concept development

2.) Location scouting

3.) Site assessment

4.) Design

5.) Fabrication

6.) Technology integration

7.) Branding

8.) Securing permissions from city or property owners

9.) Transportation

10.) Insurance

11.) Installation

12.) Removal and restoration

Examples of interactive brand installations range from interactive storefronts windows to 3D freestanding sculptures that require public interaction to activate.

At ALT TERRAIN we’re really into marketing installations as they tend to have low maintenance (once installed), drive consumer engagement, and add a level of creativity to the streetscape which people tend to appreciate.

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Brand: TBS
Service: Brand Installation
Client: CPC Intersect

Convention Hotel Brand Installations in Chicago for CPC Intersect

For two years running the CPC Intersect hired ALT TERRAIN to create an undeniable presence for their client, TBS Just … Continued

Brand: Sears
Service: Outdoor Event Marketing + Street Team Marketing
Client: HAVAS PR

Sears Times Square Experiential Marketing Brand Installation Event for HAVAS PR

HAVAS PR (formerly Euro RSCG) smartly leverages a Times Square Island Marketing Event as the centerpiece to relaunch The Sears … Continued