Uniquely entertain and engages audiences with one-of-a-kind brand integration Graffiti Art Performances

Indoor Event Graffiti Art Performance - Portland Event Marketing - Nequik 2
Outdoor Video Game Graffiti Art Advertising Performance - San Francisco
Outdoor Video Game Graffiti Art Advertising Performance - San Francisco
Lollapalooza Graffiti Art Performance Event Marketing - Chicago
Video Game Event Art Performance - Atlanta
Video Game Art Mural Performance Example - Atlanta
Indoor Event Graffiti Art Performance - Los Angeles
Outdoor Event Graffiti Art Performance - Las Vegas
Outdoor Event Graffiti Art Performance Company Example - Las Vegas
State Fair Graffiti Art Performance

Graffiti Art Performance is artists painting a brand-themed mural at indoor and outdoor events.

It entertains and engages consumers over a longer duration than most other event activation performances.

Graffiti Art Performances are often deployed at music festivals, trade shows, conventions and experiential marketing events.

The art performed typically consists of a blend of advertising visuals and original art.

In additional to spray-paint the performance can involve poster wheat-pasting, paint markers and/or other art mediums.

The graffiti painting performance can take place on canvases, walls or other objects.

The best Graffiti Art Performances integrate consumer participation to some degree.

Our roots are in graffiti culture so we’re intimate with the value these type of performances provide events.

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Brand: EA Games / Need for Speed
Service: Event Graffiti Art Performance Tour
Client: Bill Graham Special Events

EA Games Event Graffiti Art Performances for Bill Graham Events

ALT TERRAIN implements “Need for Speed Most Wanted” Video Game Event Graffiti Art Performances at Formula-D races across the country … Continued

Brand: Nesquik
Service: Graffiti Art Performance + Video Game Marketing Tour
Client: Publicis Dialog

Nesquik Marketing Tour Graffiti Art Performance Activation for Publicis

To leverage Nesquik’s sponsorship of GameRiot, a national videogame marketing tour, Publicis Dialog hired ALT TERRAIN to handle graffiti art … Continued