Generate consumer engagement and valuable brand content with a Public Relations Activation stunts and installations

Peking Opera Times Square PR Marketing Stunt - New York City
Billboard Guerilla Marketing Company Example - New York City
Statue Takeover Guerilla Marketing Creative Example - New York City
Sidewalk Chalk and Decal Guerilla Marketing Advertising Example - New York City
Double-Decker Bus Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising - New York City
Samsung Permitted Street Marketing Performance - New York City
Interactive Brand Installation at Always #LIKEAGIRL PR Event - New York City
P. Diddy 'Last Train to Paris' CD Release Guerilla Marketing Subway Sign - New York City
FUZE Beverages Flash Mob Street Team Marketing - New York City

Public Relations Activation is the deployment of one-of-kind, attention-getting marketing installation and stunt ideas.

These PR activation stunts or events can occur at events or on the streets of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and other cities.

A Public Relations Activation range from interactive installations to edgy outdoor guerrilla marketing tactics.

The approach is defined by leveraging it to generate original, compelling content for social media and public relations purposes.

ALT TERRAIN specializes in helping public relations agencies implement creative PR marketing stunt activations on the streets New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities.

Leveraging publicity marketing stunts to generate press coverage is a tried-and-true practice going back many years, however more recently PR Event Marketing Stunts are activated to engage the public and generate brand content.

A Public Relations Activation can be activated guerrilla-style without city permission or with permits depending on the concept, location, date and a variety of other elements such as influencer / celebrity integration and event structures (e.g. tents, stages, lighting, etc.)

Whether an on-the-street marketing, inside an event or staged event the best Public Relations Activation ideas are original, entertain, inform and engage the public.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for complimentary proposal on how to produce PR marketing activations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco that achieves objectives.

Always #LIKEAGIRL Interactive Experiential Brand Installation - New York City

Brand: Always
Service: Public Relations Event Interactive Installation

Always #LIKEAGIRL PR Event Interactive Installation for MSLGROUP

MSLGROUP entrusted ALT TERRAIN to help plan, design, fabricate and produce an interactive installation, stage structures, and signage for the … Continued

Costumed Street Team Product Sampling Marketing Company Example - Manhattan, New York City

Brand: Stay Away Rodent Repellent
Service: Street Marketing Product Sampling & Public Relations Activation
Client: Debra Cohen Public Relations

Stay Away Rodent Repellent Street Marketing Product Sampling Activation for Debra Cohen Public Relations

  Debra Cohen Public Relations selected ALT TERRAIN to help plan, staff and manage a brilliant street team, costumed character, product … Continued

Sports Stadium Ambush Marketing Street Team - Seattle, WA

Brand: Qdoba
Service: Costumed Character + Street Team Marketing Promotion
Client: Cone Communications Public Relations & Marketing

Qdoba “Free The Guac” Fast Casual Marketing Activation in Seattle and Boston for Cone Communications

Cone Communications Public Relations & Marketing partnered with ALT TERRAIN to help plan, produce and execute the annual Qdoba “Free … Continued

Brand: GoldToe
Service: Guerilla Marketing - Statue PR Marketing Stunt
Client: Aspen Marketing

GoldToe Guerilla PR Marketing Stunt for Aspen Marketing

Aspen Marketing recruited ALT TERRAIN to implement their brilliantly conceived guerrilla marketing PR-marketing stunt for the launch of GoldToe’s undershirt … Continued

Guerilla Billboard, Times Square, New York City

Brand: United Colors of Benetton
Service: Guerilla Marketing Billboard
Client: 72andSunny

Benetton Guerilla Marketing for 72andSunny

72andSunny reconnects Benetton with its former glory as a boundary-breaking fashion brand with their global UnHate advertising campaign. ALT TERRAIN … Continued

Brand: Fuze Beverages / Coca-Cola
Service: Double Decker Bus + Street Team Marketing
Client: The Martin Agency

FUZE Beverages Flash Mob + Double Decker Bus Street Marketing for The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency ingeniously leverages a branded double-decker bus to transport a flash mob of 24 tea leaf costumed characters … Continued