Promote events, concerts, apps, product releases, pop-up shops and brand happenings with Flyer Marketing 

Nonprofit Event Promotion Flyer Distribution - Denver
Music Festival Flyer Event Promotion Retail  Distribution, Echo Park, Los Angeles
Flyers Tacked to Cafe and Retail Bulletin Boards
Event Flyer Distribution Marketing Company Example - Manhattan, New York City
Retail Shop Flyer Placement - San Francisco
Comic Shop Mini-Magazine Distribution - New York City
Sackler and Freer Gallery of Art at Smithsonian Institution Flyer Distribution - Washington DC
Magalog Marketing Magazine Distribution - New York City

Flyer Marketing is the distribution of promotional postcard size flyers, mini-magazines and/or stickers inside retail shops, on-campus and other locations.

Locations often consist of clothing boutiques, hair salons, skate/surf shops, cafes, music venues, art galleries, gyms and various other establishments.

Flyers are typically placed in consumer ‘take-one’ sections, pinned to cafe bulletin boards and tacked to outdoor street poles or boards.

They can also be placed on vehicles parked around target events, concerts and shopping districts.

The advantage of Flyer Marketing is that aligns brands with establishments that are part of target’s consumer lifestyle such as local coffeehouses, skate shops and sports bars.

They are primarily utilized to promote local concerts, mobile apps, films, retail sales and other brand-related activities and events.

Flyer Marketing initiatives are particular effective in cities with an abundance of independent retail shops such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Boston and Philadelphia.

In a digital world one may consider Flyer Marketing as dated approach, however we’re found people gravitate to them particularly due to their tangibility and throwback marketing style.

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