Achieve unique brand advertising reach with City Board signs in the windows c-stores, laundromats, barbershops and other establishments

Laundromat Window Sign Advertising Healthcare Hospital Company Example, Dover, DE
Nail Salon Window Sign Company Advertising Example, New Bedford, MA
MoneyGram In-Store / Mexican Restaurant Advertising Example - Washington, DC
Healthcare Coverage Registration Drive Advertising Company Example -  Concord, New Hampshire
Laundromat Window Poster Advertising Company Example - Chinatown, New York City
Hispanic Barbershop Billboard Advertising Healthcare Hospital Network Company Example -  Holyoke, MA
Healthcare Enrollment C-Store Company Advertising Example - Boston, MA
Healthcare Enrollment City Store Window Advertising Company Example - Wilmington, Delaware
Chinese Restaurant Poster Healthcare Advertising Company Example - Brooklyn, New York City

City Boards (also known as Retail Store Boards, C-Store 1-Sheets and Window Posters) is the placement of framed 24″ x 36″ framed billboard advertising signs in the windows and on the walls of busy city establishments.

Advertising locations consist of independently owned convenience stores (c-stores), bodegas, laundromats, hair salons, pizza shops, nail salons, barbershops, cafes, Chinese food restaurants and many other types of city establishments.

City Board advertising signs are placed with the permission of establishments.

The City Boards are utilized by brands to reach immigrants as well as multigenerational Mexican, Puerto Rican, Asian, Caribbean and South American consumers living in cities nationwide.

Brands utilizing City Boards become a part of inner-city establishments which serve as a lifestyle, social and cultural hub for city neighborhoods, particularly inside barbershops and hair salons.

They are particularly effective form of advertising for healthcare insurance enrollment, banking, telecommunication brands and variety of other industries aiming to connect with lower income families.

City Boards are often deployed to enhance traditional billboard, bus shelter, subway / train and other forms on inner-city advertising.

City Board outdoor advertising is most commonly deployed in large cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, however can also be placed throughout mid-size markets such as Delaware, New Orleans, and West Virginia.

Typically in large cities (e.g. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, etc.) 150 to 200 City Board facings can be placed in target neighborhoods.

In mid-size cities (e.g. Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New Orleans, etc.) typically 100 to 150 store billboard facings can be achieved.

Smaller cities (e.g. Newark, Allentown, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Sacramento, etc.) 50 to 100 City Board facings can be placed.

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