JustWorks SaaS B2B Street Team Experiential Marketing Brand Sampling Kiosk - Chelsea, Manhattan
JustWorks Business-to-Business Street Experiential Marketing Cart Team - Chelsea, New York City
JustWorks SaaS Street Marketing Consumer Engagement Activation Bike Team - Flatiron, New York City
JustWorks SaaS Street Brand Experience Marketing Consumer Engagement - Chelsea, Manhattan
On-the-Street Consumer Engagement Marketing Activation via Bike Kiosk - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Startup SaaS Street Marketing Mobile Info Kiosk Team - Chelsea, New York City
JustWorks Street Marketing Kiosk - Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC
Street Advertising Experiential Marketing Bicycle Brand Kiosk Activation - New York City

JustWorks, a SaaS startup that offers companies benefits, compliance, and payroll all in one platform, assigned ALT TERRAIN to leverage Street Marketing Kiosk teams to promote the brand to prospective business customers throughout New York City.

The Street Marketing Kiosk served as an experiential marketing, lead generation business-to-business info kiosk engaging freelance, startup and established company consumer audiences about JustWorks’ benefits, compliance, and payroll SaaS service.

The ‘Don’t sweat it. JustWorks has you covered’ summer-themed marketing activation gave business people hand-fans, koozies and headbands as well as information and business cards.

Brand ambassadors staffing the Street Marketing Kiosk were trained to communicate the benefits of JustWorks’ seamless payroll, benefits, tax filings and compliance corporate SaaS service.

Deployment consisted engaging thousands of people daily on-the-street in Chelsea, Flatiron, Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Soho and Midtown.

If you wish to take your business-to-business SaaS brand to the streets to engage target consumers just contact us with your target cities, audience, dates and desired results.