Connect with people on a local, personal and grassroots level with Event Sponsorship Activations at community events

Millennium Park Movie Night Experiential Brand Activation Example - Chicago, IL
Millennium Park Product Sampling Experiential Brand Event Activation Example -Chicago, IL
Local Community Event Sponsorship 5K Race Brand Activation Example - Portland, OR
Local Event Parade Street Festival Sponsorship with Product Sampling Bikes - Portland, OR
Event Sponsorship Activation Consumer Engagement Example - Seattle, WA
Local 5K Run Community Event Sponsorship Marketing Product Sampling Example - Seattle, WA
Cultural Pride Parade Festival Brand Activation Marketing Activation - Queens, New York City
Pride Festival Brand Activation Example - Union Square, New York City
Pride Festival Marketing Activation Example - Union Square, New York City
Mermaid Parade Festival Brand Marketing Activation Example - Brooklyn, New York City
Coney Island Mermaid Parade Festival Brand Marketing Activation Example - Brooklyn, New York City
Local Bank Event Sponsorship Step & Repeat Consumer Engagement Activity - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Community Bank Event Sponsorship Activation Company Example - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Event Sponsorship Activation consists of well-planned experiential and brand activation marketing at public events such as nonprofit 5K races, music festivals, park movie nights, sports events and other local community happenings.

This form of marketing is at its best when it enhances a person’s event experience while achieving brand goals.

Event sponsorship activation is also classified as Grassroots Marketing, Local Area Marketing, and Community Event Marketing by certain companies and within certain industries.

Ways to enhance a local community event ranges from game-based brand activities to sampling products relevant to the event.

The top reasons brands engage in Event Sponsorship Activation:

1.) Create local brand awareness

2.) Interact face-to-face with prospect and existing consumers

3.) Generate community appreciation

4.) Produce engaging content for social media

5.) Contribute to the public good, specifically those that affect the local community

Event Sponsorship Activation is a particular effective form of marketing for brands entering a particular city for the first time.

Activations can range from simple product sampling tents to elaborate product demonstrations to elaborate experiential marketing activities.

Brand sponsorship activation at local community events is further leveraged via social media, poster advertising, and public relations.

Cities such as Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle provide hundreds of opportunities annually for brands to participate in Event Sponsorship Activation marketing.

Activating inside local events lends itself well to certain brands who pride themselves as supporting the local community (e.g. hospital / healthcare networks, banks / financial services, supermarket chains, museums, nonprofits, etc.)

ALT TERRAIN assists with Event Sponsorship Activation planning, logistical and production needs:

1.) Source a list of relevant local events

2.) Handle local event applications

3.) Develop creative, stimulating and relevant Event Sponsorship Activation ideas

4.) Produce branded event assets (e.g. tents, costumes, signage, promotional giveaways, etc.) and consumer activities

5.) Deploy well-prepared brand ambassadors and onsite management

6.) Manage, transport and install event assets, consumer activities and marketing materials

7.) Promote brand’s sponsorship of activation via around-the-city street poster advertising

8.) Real-time content capture to leverage via public relations and social media purposes

9.) Provide $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 event insurance certificates required by cities, parks and select festivals

Note that successful Event Sponsorship Activation are ongoing brand marketing efforts consisting of at least two activation per month in mid-size cities such a Boston, Seattle, DC or Denver and 4-to-8 activations in bigger markets such as Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City.

If you are interested in heightening brand visibly, shaping consumer perception, differentiating from competitors and driving sales in a specific city then Event Sponsorship Activation is certainly a worthwhile marketing approach.

Contact us for brand Event Sponsorship Activation ideas, production, pricing and company examples.