Bring true originality, credibility, and content to brands with hand-painted, art-centric  Street Mural marketing

HP Sponsored Art Billboard Advertising - Hollywood, Los Angeles
Nonprofit Hand-Painted Street Mural Billboard Advertising - Springfield, MA
Shell-sponsored 'Heroes of Houston' Hurricane Harvey Art Mural - Houston, TX
Blue Moon Hand-Painted Street Mural Advertising - Boston
Toyota Matrix Sponsored Art Painted Billboard Advertising - Atlanta
Ft. Lauderdale Tourism Postcard-Style Sponsored Painted Art Billboard Advertising - East Village, New York City
PONY Sneakers Artist Sponsored Painted Billboard Advertising - Melrose, Los Angeles
Shell V-Power Painted Billboard Advertising Mural - Atlanta
Colt 45 Painted Billboard Mural - Atlanta
Disney Painted Art Billboard Advertising - Lower East Side, New York City

Street Murals are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, art-centric brand advertising billboards on permitted wall space.

These hand-painted, art-combined-with-advertising billboards are often leveraged as part of an influencer marketing, public relations and/or content marketing initiatives.

Street Murals tend to be embraced by the public unlike traditional billboards or street-level advertising.

The mural creation hand-painted process is typically documented via time-lapse to provide YouTube and other forms of brand content.

The most common type of Street Mural are those with 5% of the mural space dedicated brand’s logo and/or ‘brought to you by’ or ‘sponsored’ type hand-painted billboard messaging.

Street Mural can include brand advertising themes, artwork, product images and/or specific brand colors although consumers tend to embrace street murals billboards when they have less commercial content.

The Street Mural process involves brands approving hand-painted advertising concepts and wall locations.

The Street Mural hand-painted advertising is available in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C. and many other cities.

Many of us at ALT TERRAIN were raised on graffiti culture so we’re big believers in street murals, if done right, helping companies connect with people.

Contact ALT TERRAIN to learn how to create an effective outdoor painted Street Mural advertising billboard, plus for pricing and company examples.

Local Community Nonprofit Event Activation Street Mural Marketing - Springfield, MA

Service: Street Mural Marketing
Client: Victors & Spoils Child Obesity Prevention Street Mural Marketing in Springfield, MA for Victors & Spoils

Victors & Spoils enlisted ALT TERRAIN to produce nonprofit community outreach street marketing murals in Springfield MA for a wonderful … Continued

Brand: HP
Service: Street Art Mural
Client: DesignKitchen

HP Street Mural Advertising in Los Angeles for DesignKitchen

The superb interactive agency, DesignKitchen, employed ALT TERRAIN to create a large-scale street art advertising mural billboard in Los Angeles … Continued