Engage consumers with brand ambassadors, product samples and sharable experiences via Street Team Marketing activations

Qdoba Street Team Marketing Example - Seattle
Qdoba Street Team Marketing Example - Back Bay, Boston
Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods - All Star Game Street Team Marketing - St. Louis
Nike + DICK'S Sporting Goods All Star Game Street Team - St. Louis
FUZE Beverages Flash Mob Street Team Marketing - New York City
FUZE Beverages Flash Mob Street Team Marketing - New York City
ORVIS Street Team Marketing - Chicago
ORVIS Street Team Retail Marketing - Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Subway Station Commuter Street Team Marketing - New York City
NIVEA North Beach Street Team Marketing - Chicago
Costumed Street Team Marketing Product Sampling Example - New York City
Product Sampling Street Team with Costumed Character Example - Midtown Manhattan, New York City
Scary Movie Street Team Beach Boardwalk Marketing Company Example - Venice, CA

Street Team Marketing involves the deployment of brand ambassadors to promote events, sample products and engage people with sharable experiences.

Certain brands and agencies utilize the terms Field Marketing, Promotional Teams and Product Sampling Teams to refer to street team marketing.

Companies typically deploy Street Team Marketing to engage consumers on public sidewalks around transit stations, shopping districts, campuses, business districts, around city events and other outdoor locations with high-concentration of pedestrian traffic.

The benefits of street team marketing are:

1.) Reach tens of thousands of target consumers each day in cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC

2.) Face-to-face interactions offer opportunities to engage people with tangible and emotional brand activities

3.) Getting trial-size product samples and purchase incentives into the hands of consumers considerably changes their buying behavior

4.) Communicating brand initiatives to consumers in a less competitive environment

5.) Interact with people around specific transit hubs, festivals, shopping districts, sports arenas and college campuses

6.) Generate genuine and valuable content for social media

7.) City permits are not needed for most street team marketing activations

8.) Gather firsthand consumer reactions and insights

The Street Team Marketing approach is highly effective form of outdoor brand marketing in cities with ample pedestrian sidewalk foot-traffic such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Selecting optimal locations and times of day to interact with the public is one of the many street team strategic services that ALT TERRAIN provides for companies and agencies.

A successful street marketing initiative involves compelling activation ideas that:

1.) Communicate a clear and concise brand message

2.) Include a call-to-action

3.) Utilize more-than-a-flyer giveaways

4.) Outfit brand ambassadors with caps, shirts and jackets

5.) Equip the street team with hand-held signs and props

6.) Offer incentives for consumers to share the brand experience digitally with friends

A street team marketing activations can take on various forms ranging from product sampling to ‘flash mob’ brand performance experiences.

Here are the most popular types of street team marketing:

Product Sampling Street Team – Consists of the planning, staffing, training, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to engage consumers with product messaging, samples and marketing materials.

Flash Mob Street Team – Involves the deployment of a 24+ brand ambassadors to perform coordinated brand stunts, songs, game shows and other acts that ‘surprise and delight’ consumers.

Costumed Character Street Team – Integrates costumed brand ambassadors to generate on-the-street attention and driver consumer engagement.

Experiential Street Team – Utilizes consumer participation props and activities to enhance the intended brand message.

Ambush Street Team – Deploys of a variety of the above described street team approaches around festivals, concerts and/or sports events not officially sponsored by a brand.

Special Event Street Team – Creates awareness about nearby brand pop-up shops, permitted outdoor activations and other experiential marketing events.

Retail Promotion Street Team – Spreads the word about retail, restaurant or other types of establishment special sales, in-store events and happenings.

Bicycle Street Team – Helps brand ambassadors standout in the crowd, store product samples and easily deploy to a variety of locations throughout the day.

Vehicle Street Team – Deploys branded cars, trucks, or trailers along with a street team to create a bigger on-the-street presence and transport product samples, props or experiential marketing activities.

With the breadth of approaches and tactics available it is essential to partner with a company with extensive experience in planning and producing street team marketing initiatives.

ALT TERRAIN helps companies with the following Street Team Marketing services:

1.) Ideas consistent with the brand and relay the intended message

2.) Location planning to connect with your target audience

3.) Activation and logistical planning to ensure a successful outcome

4.) Staff training and outfitting

5.) Product samples and marketing materials logistics

6.) Onsite activation management

7.) Documentation, reporting and analytics

Many companies offer Street Team Marketing services, and it may seem a simple tactic to execute, however we know that effective brand activations require considerable strategy, planning, training and onsite management.

Contact us to learn more about Street Team Marketing activation, pricing and examples of how companies can experientially engage consumers and achieve brand goals in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and dozens of other cities.

Supermarket Product Sampling Team Company Example - Boston, MA

Brand: Louis Kemp Seafoods
Service: Supermarket Product Sampling Brand Activation
Client: Wexley

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Costumed Street Team Product Sampling Marketing Company Example - Manhattan, New York City

Brand: Stay Away Rodent Repellent
Service: Street Marketing Product Sampling & Public Relations Activation
Client: Debra Cohen Public Relations

Stay Away Rodent Repellent Street Marketing Product Sampling Activation for Debra Cohen Public Relations

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Sports Stadium Ambush Marketing Street Team - Seattle, WA

Brand: Qdoba
Service: Costumed Character + Street Team Marketing Promotion
Client: Cone Communications Public Relations & Marketing

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Supermarket Family and Kids Food Product Sampling - Los Angeles, CA

Brand: De Wafelbakkers
Service: Experiential Product Sampling Tour
Client: Shared Vision Marketing Agency

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ORVIS Street Team Marketing - N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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Service: Retail Street Team Marketing
Client: Mercury

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Brand: GNC
Service: Street Team Marketing - Product Sampling
Client: Edelman

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Brand: Fuze Beverages / Coca-Cola
Service: Double Decker Bus + Street Team Marketing
Client: The Martin Agency

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Brand: Nikita / CW
Service: Street Team + Standee Scavenger Hunt
Client: StreetVirus

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Brand: Tamagotchi
Service: Costumed Character Street Team + Brand Sampling
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T.G.I.Friday's Street Team Marketing - Orlando

Brand: T.G.I.Friday's
Service: Guerilla Video Projection + Wild Posting + Street Team Marketing
Client: Peppercom

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Agent Provocateur Fashion Week New York Street Team Marketing - New York City

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