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Consumer Engagement Product Sampling Marketing Vehicle - Santa Monica, CA
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Supermarket Experiential Marketing Product Sampling Vehicle - Atlanta, GA
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Shared Vision Marketing Agency entrusted ALT TERRAIN to assist with activating a uniquely conceived De Wafelbakkers’ pancake experiential product sampling activation outside supermarkets and on-the-streets throughout Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The experiential product sampling activation consisted of a vintage Jeep Wagoneer colorfully wrapped with De Wafelbakkers graphics, a 3D oversize stack of pancakes rooftop installation, outfitted brand ambassadors, samples distributed to consumers in cities and at supermarkets.

The on-the-street marketing activations occurred around shopping districts, farmers markets, stadiums and festivals to maximize impact.

The supermarket marketing activations happened outside, engaging people as they entered the store.

The product sampled was a frozen prepackaged pancake which required specialized cold storage, transport. and logistics.

Shared Vision Marketing Agency enlisted local influencers to request the ‘De Wafelbakkers to the Rescue’ experiential marketing vehicle to make special deliveries to their residences.

A ‘De Wafelbakkers to the Rescue’ Twitter account allowed consumers to find where it where product sample tour would be on each activation day.

The De Wafelbakkers experiential product sampling tour tangibly engaged thousands of consumers and created tens of thousands of social media impressions.

ALT TERRAIN assisted the agency with; vehicle sourcing and transport, vehicle wrap print and installation, 3D rooftop installation, staffing, training, location planning, food product samples logistics, real-time reporting and making people happy.

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