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Supermarket Seafood Product Sampling Company Activation Example - Chicago, IL
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Louis Kemp - Trident Seafoods - Experiential Supermarket Marketing Activation - Chicago


Wexley, one of the most creative independent advertising agencies, enlisted ALT TERRAIN to help produce a high-concept, super-memorable Louis Kemp in-store supermarket product sampling marketing initiative throughout Boston and Chicago.

The in-store supermarket product sampling idea involved Louis Kemp theatrical-quality lighthouse, sea boat, and fisherman costumes, brand activation team, coolers, sampling table, and signage.

Shoppers were delighted to encounter an extraordinary brand promotion occurring inside the seafood section of their local supermarket.

People were greeted by the brand activation team offering people a prepacked bag Louis Kemp crab delight samples, recipes, and coupons to incentivize purchase.

On average 75% of shoppers in the supermarket engaged with the brand activation with many taking photos to share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

In addition to supermarkets, the seafood product sampling brand activations occurred at transit stations, city parks, and malls.

ALT TERRAIN assisted with activation planning, permits, sample prep, staffing, training, onsite management, transportation, storage, shipping and reporting.

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