Trade Show Activation ideas, brand installations, and atendee activities to generate engagement

Trade Show Booth Costumed Character Marketing Company Example - Boston, MA
Oversized Slot Machine Trade Show Booth Activity
Wrangler Trade Show Booth Oversize Prize Wheel Marketing - Denver, CO
Interactive Graffiti Wall Trade Show Booth Activity Idea - Orlando, FL
Experiential Marketing Graffiti Wall Trade Show Booth Experiential Marketing Activity - Orlando, FL
Trade Show Booth Interactive Graffiti Wall Attendee Engagement Example - Orlando, FL

Trade Show Activation is the creation and deployment of unique experiential marketing ideas to attract and engage event attendees.

Whether it is a convention, fair, expo or trade show marketing is essential to create a brand presence, attract attendees, increase dwell time, provide memorable experiences and ultimately sales.

Ideally, the trade show booth attendee activities directly relate to the brand and intended message in a memorable way.

ALT TERRAIN trade show booth offering often integrate custom-builds, Instagram-able props, and attendee brand experiences activities ranging from oversize prize wheels to step-and-repeats to costumed brand ambassadors.

Our coverage includes all the major convention cities; Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City.

To be effective we believe Trade Show Activations need to be:

1.) Noticeable in a crowded convention environment

2.) Easily understood by attendees

3.) Provide fun, stimulating and valuable brand experience

4.) Drive lead-generation, social media coverage and/or other actionable results

If the above seems like a trade show booth marketing approach you’d like to investigate please contact us to learn more.