Create outdoor advertising visibility and consumer engagement with Human Billbaord  teams

Human Walking Billboard Advertising Street Team College Campus Marketing - Boston, MA
Moscone Center Convention Human Walking Mobile Billboard Outdoor Advertising Company Example - San Francisco, CA
Philadelphia Walking Billboard Street Team Company Example - Center City, Philadelphia, PA
Moscone Center Convention Walking Billboard Advertising Company Example - San Francisco
Downtown Los Angeles Walking Backpack Billboard  Advertising Company Example - Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles Walking Billboards Advertising - Los Angeles
Convention Marketing Walking Billboards, Merchandise Mart, Chicago
AT&T Walking Billboard Backpack Street Advertising Example - East Village, New York City
Times Square Street Team Marketing and Advertising Company Example
Store Opening Walking Billboard Street Team Marketing Example, Manhattan, New York City
AT&T Walking Human Billboard Street Team Marketing - Boston, MA
Boston Marathon AT&T Walking Billboard Advertising + Street Team Marketing
AT&T Human Billboard Advertising Street Team Marketing - Center City, Philadelphia

Human Billboard is a noticeable, eco-friendly, form of outdoor street-level advertising and consumer engagement marketing.

They are sometimes known as a Walking Billboard teams and Ad Walkers by certain companies or within certain industries.

It is a particularly effective form of outdoor advertising for promoting retail stores, local events, and restaurants, plus to increase brand visibility around conventions.

Human Billboard street teams are utilized to achieve targeted brand visibility and consumer engagement around transit stations, convention center trade shows, retailers, sports arenas and on city sidewalks.

A single human walking billboard street team can make an impression on tens of thousands of people daily in cities with a high-concentration of pedestrian traffic such as New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco.

Human Billboards are deployed in convoy mode, in groups of three or more, to create an even larger, more noticeable street-level billboard presence.

With a bit of creativity the deployment of walking billboard advertising teams can create fun, noteworthy content for social media and public relations purposes.

Human Billboard advertising is appreciated by green and eco-conscious consumers.

They can take on a variety of advertising forms as noted below:

Above-the-Head Human Billboards consist of double-sided signage placed above the head of brand ambassadors via a pole and custom backpack. Signage can take the form of thought bubbles, speech bubbles or custom die-cut shapes. Above-the-Head Walking Billboards in addition to creating a presence can distribute flyers or trial-size product samples. Above-the-Head Walking Billboards are typically deployed with lightweight jackets to cover the walking billboard backpacks.

Rectangle Light-Up Human Billboards consist of large backpack billboard signs that strap on to the back of brand ambassadors. A large rectangle billboard bulletin-type size sign faces consumers behind the brand ambassadors and a small square signs is on the reverse side. These are often called digital walking/human billboards as they light-up at night via internal LED lights. Similar to the above they can create an advertising presence as well consumer engagement (e.g. product sampling, product demos, surveys, etc.) Rectangle Walking Billboards are most effective when deployed in convoy mode on the busy streets of cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC.

Custom Human Billboards can consist of variety of walk-around advertising billboards concepts ranging from hand-held stand-ins to digitally interactive to oversize signs.

We’re enthusiasts of walking billboard outdoor advertising for its effectiveness, ability customize sign shapes, and targetability to reach desired audiences in New York City, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles and many other cities.

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