Create brand visibility, promote events, maintain street cred and drive consumer engagement with Wild Posting street poster advertising

State Lottery Wild Posting Advertising and Marketing - Lyn-Lake, Minnesota
Post Malone - Bud Light Wheatpaste Wild Posting Advertising Installation - Nashville, TN
City Street Pole Wild Posting Poster Advertising Example - Philadelphia, PA
Outdoor Street Poster Advertising on Construction Site Company  Example - Logan Square, Chicago
Converse Dedicated Wheat-Paste Wild Posting Street Advertising Dedicated Wall - Melrose, Los Angeles
Wild Posting Construction Site Company Advertising Campaign Example - Seattle, WA
Theater Show Street Poster Advertising Company Example - Boston, MA
Creative Local Bank Cafe Bulletin Board Poster Advertising Example - Pittsburgh, PA
City Street Pole Poster Advertising Company Example - Northern Liberties, Philadelphia
College Market Sports Marketing Wild Posting Company Example - Chicago
FOX TV Series Pull-Tab Poster Outdoor Advertising & Marketing Example -  University City, Philadelphia, PA
Street Pole Poster Advertising Company Example - Fishtown, Philadelphia
Dedicated and Permitted Wild Postings Advertising Example - Lower East Side, New York City
Tease & Reveal Poster Advertising Example - Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
Street Pole Poster Advertising Teaser Campaign Company Example - Seattle, WA
Outdoor Wild Postings Advertising Creative Company Example - Philadelphia
Draw-on Experiential Outdoor Advertising Street Poster Company Example - Lincoln Park, Chicago
Cafe Bulletin Board Poster Advertising - Wrigleyville, Chicago
Window Static-cling Guerrilla Wild Posting Example - San Francisco, CA
Guerilla Marketing Magnet Poster Outdoor Advertising - Wicker Park, Chicago
StubHub Street Wild Poster Advertising Company Example - Allston, Boston, MA
Tear-Pad Wild Posting Advertising Company Example - Houston, TX
Philadelphia Tourism Tear-Pad Wild Posting Advertising Example - Boston. MA
Philadelphia Tourism Tear-Away Take-One Wild Posting Advertising Example - Washington DC
Heineken Beer Outdoor Advertising Poster Example- Wrigleyville Chicago

Wild Postings is primarily defined, by most companies, as the placement of outdoor street-level promotional advertising posters throughout cities on construction sites, poles, and other locations noticeable to consumers.

It is sometimes known as wheatpaste posters, wheatpasting, sniping and flyposting advertising by certain companies or industries.

Advertising posters are posted on construction sites, storefronts, street poles, bulletin boards, inside cafes, on-campus and other noticeable locations.

Street poster is a form of outdoor advertising typically utilized to promote events, product releases, movies, apps, concerts and brand campaigns.

They are often leveraged by companies to maintain brand street cred and to drive consumer engagement.

Wild posting is a particularly effective form of outdoor advertising in cities such as Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington DC due to the high concentration of people walking around on city streets.

For reference, below are wild postings definitions and offerings:

Cardstock Wild Postings are 11” x 17” and 13″ x 19″ thick paper posters placed in visible outdoor and indoor locations in target neighborhoods. Poster placement locations typically consist of construction sites, street poles, inside cafes, on campus and in retail shop windows. Cardstock Wild Postings posters are placed via staples, tape, push-pins and/or magnets depending upon the location. With Cardstock Wild Postings there are no predesignated or “owned” locations, however, are placed in pre-selected target neighborhoods. Cardstock Wild Postings are particularly effective for promoting local events, highlighting product releases and/or brand promotions. ALT TERRAIN offers Cardstock Wild Postings in San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC and many other cities although not available in New York City.

Pull-Tab Wild Postings are 8.5” x 11” posters with consumer take-one, pull-tabs at the bottom that drives consumer engagement. Poster placement locations typically consist of, but not limited to; construction sites, street poles, inside cafes, on college campuses, retail shop windows, and public bulletin boards. There are no preset or “owned” locations with Pull-Tab Wild Postings advertising medium although are placed in target neighborhoods selected by you. Pull-Tab Wild Postings are particularly effective for tease-and-reveal, cause marketing, call-to-action, plus quirky and light-hearted advertising initiatives. Pull-Tab Wild Posting advertising initiatives are available in Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Austin and many other cities.

Cling Wild Postings (also know as Guerilla Clings or Static-Clings) are 11″ x 15″ posters printed on a static electricity charged material allowing them to stick to a variety of surfaces without wheat-paste, staples or tape. The advantage of Cling Wild Postings is they allow for more creative and targeted placement, plus are often die-cut to specific shapes to increase effectiveness. Available in the top 20 US cities although not in New York City.

Magnetic Wild Postings are 3″ x 4″ or die-cut shape magnets placed on metal surfaces throughout cities, including storefront gates, street poles, on vehicles, building entrances, newspaper kiosks and car driver doors. The Magnetic Wild Posting format is unique in its effectiveness as consumers take the magnets for personal use in their apartments, offices and/or dorms. Magnetic Wild Postings are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Dallas, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Manhattan, New Orleans and many other cities.

Wheatpaste Wild Postings are 24″ x 36″ or larger thin paper posters adhered via wheat-paste or other means primarily to construction sites and abandon properties without permission. They often allow for 4 to 6 posters to be placed together. Note ALT TERRAIN does not offer wheatpaste wild postings in most cities including New York City.

Dedicated Wheatpaste Postings are site-specific and highlight a single brand advertising campaign with 16 to 32 posters per location. Dedicated wheatpaste wild posting wall installations often consisting of multiple poster designs. This form of wild posting advertising is placed with permission of the property owner and often require city permits. ALT TERRAIN does not have preset walls for dedicated, legal wheatpaste postings, however, we solicit and secure wall space in target neighborhoods on an as needed basis.

Tear Pad Wild Postings – Tear Pad Wild Postings encourage consumers to remove a single advertising poster from a pad of ten for personal reuse. They are perfect for outdoor advertising campaigns desire an experiential element. They work best with celebrity, sports, entertainment and/or other content people would like to post in their office, dorm and/or home.  Each Tear Pad Wild Postings consists of ten weatherproof thin plastic posters. Tear Pad Wild Postings are placed outdoors in locations such as construction sites, fences and bulletin boards. We offer these posters in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle and many other cities although not available in New York City.

ALT TERRAIN is the premier industry resource for planning and implementing custom poster advertising initiatives to achieve business objectives.

Our wild posting advertising programs include planning, printing, placement, management and extensive reporting.

Contact ALT TERRAIN to learn how to produce a successful wild postings company advertising initiative, plus for custom ideas, pricing and company examples.

Cafe Poster Advertising Company Example - Nashville, TN

Brand: Patagonia
Service: Experiential Marketing Tour Promotion Wild Postings
Client: 206

Patagonia Experiential Marketing Tour Wild Postings for Consumer Engagement Agency 206

Consumer engagement agency 206 selected ALT TERRAIN to initiate a multi-city 11″ x 17″ cardstock wild posting to promote Patagonia’s … Continued

Brand: Lung Cancer Alliance
Service: Guerilla Video Projections + Wild Postings
Client: Laughlin Constable

Lung Cancer Awareness Nonprofit Wild Postings for Laughlin Constable

Laughlin Constable’s super creative and controversial campaign for Lung Cancer Alliance consisted of a ‘tease and reveal’ poster advertising initiatives … Continued

City Street Pole Poster Advertising Company Example - Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

Brand: Kilbeggan Whiskey
Service: Wild Postings
Client: Starcom

Kilbeggan Whiskey Wild Postings for Starcom USA

Starcom entrusted ALT TERRAIN to print, place and manage Kilbeggan Whiskey’s Wild Postings initiatives in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and … Continued

New Balance Sneaker Pull-Tab Take-One Wild Postings Creative Advertising Example in Brooklyn, New York

Brand: New Balance
Service: Wild Postings
Client: Boathouse Group

New Balance Pull-Tab Wild Posting Advertising for Boathouse Group

Boathouse Group’s creatively bold New Balance advertising campaign questioned the absence of teamwork and sportsmanship in professional sports. Boathouse Group enlisted … Continued