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BICYCLE BILLBOARD and Why They're Unique

Bike billboards bring your brand to city streets, pathways, and boardwalks

Create visibility around specific events

Complement eco-conscious brand positioning 

Create thousands of impressions daily with bike billboard advertising

Track results via daily brand impressions, increase in visits, and customer surveys


What is bicycle billboard advertising?

Bicycle billboards are a creative, eco-friendly, and noticeable way to advertise your brand.

There are various types of Bicycle Billboards ranging from trailers to 3D installation trikes to sidewalk signs. 

In specific industries and companies, bicycle billboards are known as ad bikes or promo bike teams.


What are the benefits of Bicycle Billboard outdoor advertising?


1.) They stand out on the streets

2.) Appreciated by eco-conscious people

3.) Reach areas where mobile billboard cannot go (e.g. bike paths, boardwalks, etc.)


They are super effective means of advertising around trade shows, festivals, arenas, concerts, and other large audience gatherings.

Bicycle Billboards are often deployed in groups to create a large, super noticeable outdoor advertising presence.

Riders are outfitted in custom-branded shirts, helmets, and jackets to unify the team and enhance brand impact. 

Bicycle Billboard teams can park their bikes and engage the public similar to street teams activation.

They are a natural fit for outdoor lifestyle, exercise, or eco-conscious focused brands.

Get rolling!

Bicycle Billboard styles and information:

Bicycle billboard trailers are 72" wide x 36" high in size and attached to standard bikes.

They are deployed in team of three more more. Due to their size in bike cities they are typically deployed on bike safe streets, routes, or paths.

These bike billboards are single-track, with one wheel in the back, making them streamlined and city friendly. 

Bike Billboard Trike is a three-wheel bicycle with a 27" x 41" size advertising poster frame on each side.

These advertising trikes standout a bit more in busier areas due to their height.

Trikes are deployed in groups or as singles.

Bike Sidewalk Signs are bicycles custom designed to have advertising displayed on the frame and fenders.

These bikes are strategically placed on city sidewalks in target neighborhoods on a daily basis.

Generally, 16 bikes are deployed as part Bike Sidewalk Sign advertising initiative. 

3D Installation Bike Billboards are trikes with custom brand sculptures, objects, screens, and/or props to create a one-of-a-kind presence on city streets.