Shea Moisture Brand Activation Product Sampling - Philadelphia, PA
Shea Moisture Brand Marketing Activation Product Sampling - Philadelphia, PA
Darigold Chocolate Milk Brand Activation Marketing Example - Seattle, WA
Darigold Brand Activation Product Sampling - Seattle, WA
Product Sampling Brand Marketing Activation - Yankee Stadium, New York City

Brand Activation and Why It's Essential

Get people to experience your brand with personable marketing activations 

Show how your product experience is relevant to their lives

Livestream your brand activation to expand reach

Change brand perception and purchase behavior with brand activations

Create singular and sharable experiences

Track performance with real-time reporting, promo codes, and onsite sales


What is a brand activation marketing?

Brand activation marketing demonstrates the value a product brings to people's lives.

It takes on many forms, although the main focus is for people to experience the intrinsic value of the brand provides. 

Well-designed brand activation experiences are timely, stimulating, and transformative to potential and existing customers.

Brand activation marketing is most often applied to consumer packaged goods (CPG), although it is effective for digital brands and service-centric businesses.

It is a popular form of marketing as firsthand, face-to-face, interactions are one of the best ways to share your story, change brand perception, and influence a target audience's buying behavior.

Ideally, brand activations showcase a product's value at convenient times in a way where it enhances a person's day. 

They can take place on-the-street, at events, inside malls, on-campus, and other locations.

Activations is considered a mix of outbound marketing, in the sense they attract people as well as nurtures existing relationships.

It is essential to integrate digital marketing into every brand activation ranging from contests to social media share incentives to livestreams.

The best brands create a year-round activation schedule to reach and influence new audiences on a continual basis. 


ALT TERRAIN provides the following brand activation services:


1.) Ideas on how, where and when to experientially present the value of your brand

2.) Planning where and when to reach your ideal audiences nationwide

3.) Location scouting and permitting 

4.) Production of assets (e.g., tents, tables, props, outfits, etc.)

5.) Staffing your brand is representing properly

6.) Transport, setup, activation, management, and breakdown

7.) Real-time content planning and capture

8.) Brand activation effectiveness measurement and analysis


Brand activation marketing services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami, and dozens of other cities.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for brand activation ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Activate to achieve your goals!

Brand Activation Marketing FAQ

Brand activation marketing is an experience designed to highlight the value your product provides to people. 

Activations take place on-the-streets, inside convention centers, at events, and host of other locations, plus typically integrate digital elements.

Brand activations can be part of an experiential event, mobile tour, street team, festival sponsorship, in-store product sampling, and even guerrilla marketing. 

The defining factor is to experientially demonstrate the value a brand brings into people's lives.

Showing people how a brand brings value to their life is essential for creating long-lasting customer relationships.

Brand activations garner likability and trust.

It directly influences purchase behaviors, and it turns people into brand believers.

Your brand activation strategy wholly depends upon your product.

Find ideal places for people to experience the value of your brand.

It may be at sports stadiums, in supermarkets, or on-campus.

The most important part of your strategy is to create a welcoming and repeatable experience to demonstrate the product's value.

A brand activation strategy isn't complete without an irresistible call-to-action and measurement; be sure to build these in to track your brand activation effectiveness.

Brand Activation Examples

Shea Moisture Brand Marketing Activation Product Sampling - Philadelphia, PA

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Darigold Brand Activation Product Sampling - Seattle, WA

Coming Soon!

DirecTV Now NLF Sunday Tailgating Activation - Back Bay, Boston

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