MN Lottery Wild Posting Cardstock Wild Posting - Minneapolis
Bud Light Wheat-Paste Wild Posting Installation - Nashville, TN
Construction Site Wheatpaste Wild Posting Company Example - DTLA, Los Angeles
Popup Shop Promotion via Street Poster Wild Posting - Wicker Park, Chicago
MUBI streaming service wild poster outdoor advertising company example- Austin, Texas
Oscar Health Sticker Wild Posting - Hoboken, New Jersey
Fashion Wild Posting Company - Williamsburg, NYC
Anti-Bullying Nonprofit Cafe Bulletin Board Poster Advertising - Little Five Points, Atlanta
Outdoor Street Wheat-paste Poster Advertising Company Example - Lincoln Park, Chicago
Denver Wild Postings Financial Services Money Sharing App Advertising Example
Legal wheat-paste poster outdoor advertising installation - Lower East Side, New York City
Music Festival Promotional Poster Marketing Advertising Example - University of Houston
Converse Wild Posting Outdoor Advertising - Melrose, Los Angeles
MFA Murakami Museum Exhibit Poster Advertising Promotion - Harvard Square, Cambridge
Laundromat Poster Advertising - Hoboken, New Jersey


Provides a wellspring of new customers for your brand

Engages students where they go to school, shop, and socialize

Aligns brands with college student lifestyles

Reach 200+ colleges and universities throughout the US

Get insight into up-and-coming trends


College Marketing consists of brand advertising and activations where students go to school, live, shop, and socialize. 

College students are your future consumers so dedicating ongoing marketing initiatives to engage this audeince is essential for growth.

Marketing options range from street teams to poster initiatives to mobile tours.

Reach 200+ colleges and universities throughout the United States.  


The benefits of a collage student marketing are:

1.) Engage thousands of students each day near large universities

2.) Students embrace new brands and experiences 

3.) College is where many first-time and lifelong opinions are formed

4.) Students typically have parent-funded disposible income


Cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Columbus, Minneapolis, and Atlanta, offer the most value to companies due to the high-concentration, easy to reach, student populations.

At its essence, College Marketing, is the engagement of students through their lifestyle, on and off-campus.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for college marketing ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Graduate your brand to college marketing!

College Marketing approaches and information:

Examples consist of posters and flyers placed on-campus as well as at retail shops, cafes, and other locations students frequent, plus outside on street poles, public bulletin boards, and other visible streetscape locations.

The most popular posters mediums for college posters programs are 11″ x 17″, and flyers are typically 4″ x 6′ in size.

Typically initiatives consist of placing posters on and around campuses over 2 to 3 weeks. 

College student experiential activations typically consist of off-campus street team activations, product sampling vehicles, food truck marketing, nightlife activations and a variety of other student engagement activities.

Activations tend to occur  just off-campus on public sidewalks or at locations popular with students (e.g. cafes, student housing, etc.) as universities tend not to approve branded events.

Typically the only way to activate on-campus with permission is if the activation is sponsored by an academic student group. 

College football tailgating marketing is a common approach for reaching college students.

Most schools offer packages for brands to activate on stadium grounds within a 10' x 10 to 20' x 10' footprint. 

A low-key football tailgating marketing approach is for a street team to engage people on their way to the game or activating in the parking lots.

College Marketing Examples


Lung Cancer Alliance

New Balance

Kilbeggan Whiskey