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Community Event Marketing - Seattle, WA
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Make your brand part of the local community

Generate consumer appreciation

Reach suburban families with young kids

Get samples into people's hands 

Create personable content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook



Community Event Marketing consists of well-planned brand activations at public events.

Typically events are nonprofit 5K races, music, arts or food festivals, park movie nights, and other local community happenings.

This form of marketing is at its best when it enhances a person's event experience while achieving brand goals.

Community Event Marketing is often classified as grassroots marketing and event sponsorship activation by individual companies.

Activations range from simple product sampling tents to elaborate demonstrations to experiential activities. 

ALT TERRAIN offer Community Event Marketing for companies in; New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans, Minneapolis, San Diego, New Jersey, and Washington DC.


Top reasons companies engage in Community Event Marketing:

1.) Create local brand awareness

2.) Interact face-to-face with prospects and existing customers

3.) Generate brand appreciation 

4.) Produce content for social media

5.) Contribute to the public good, precisely issues that affect the local community

6.) Show people how your brand makes a difference in their daily life

Community Event Marketing is particularly useful for brands entering a particular city for the first time.

Brand sponsorship activation at local community events is leveraged via social media and public relations.

Big cities such as Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, and Seattle provide brands hundreds of opportunities to participate in community event marketing.

Activating as part of local events, festivals, 5K runs, fundraisers and other community events reinforces a brand's commitment to supporting the local community. 


ALT TERRAIN assists with ideas to execution:

1.) Source a list of relevant local events

2.) Handle local event application process

3.) Develop creative, stimulating, and relevant ideas

4.) Design and provide event assets (e.g. tents, costume characters, signage, games, etc.)

5.) Staff, train and deploy brand ambassadors and onsite managers

6.) Manage, transport, and install event assets 

7.) Real-time content capture for social media


Successful community event marketing consists of ongoing outreach, typically, at least two activations per month in mid-size cities (e.g. Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Seattle, etc.) and four to eight activations per month in larger cities (e.g. New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.)

If you are interested in heightening brand visibility, shaping consumer perception, differentiating from competitors, and driving sales in a specific city, then Community Event Marketing is certainly a good marketing strategy.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for community event activation ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Support your local community!

Local Community Event Examples

Dime Community Bank Taste Festival Event Marketing, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Dime Community Bank

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Darigold Milk Local Community Event Marketing

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