Dental Dentist Convention Bicycle Billboard Advertising - San Diego Convention Center
Gerflor Merchandise Mart Human Billboard Team Outdoor Advertising - Chicago, IL
Architectural and Engineering Convention Street Team - Philadelphia, PA
Saint-Gobain Architect Street Kiosk Conference Marketing - Downtown, Philadelphia
Healthcare Conference Human Billboard Outdoor Advertising Activation - Washington, DC
Cues GAC Convention Coffee Dispensing  Backpack Convention Street Team Marketing - Washington DC
Educational Conference Marketing Human Billboard Outdoor Advertising - San Antonio Convention Center, Texas
Bike Mobile Billboard Advertising Example Outside Convention Center - Atlanta

CONVENTION MARKETING and Why It's Advantageous?

Give your brand a presence outside convention centers

Engage attendees before they enter the convention

Create brand visibility near hotels and evening events

Create social content and show buzz



Convention Marketing gets brands noticed, and attendees engaged around convention centers.

It helps companies generate attention at crowded trade shows or conferences.

It can take on many forms ranging from mobile billboards to guerilla marketing activations.

Most often it involves street team activations, human billboard teams, food trucks, and other forms to surprise-and-delight for convention attendees. 

The best convention marketing strategy depends upon the brand, message, and location.

Advertising outside of convention centers based in city centers are particularly useful due to attendees walking from hotels to the show.

Convention centers ideal for outdoor activations are:

1.) Moscone Center in San Francisco

2.) McCormick Place and Merchandise Mart in Chicago

3.) Javits Center in New York City

4.) San Diego Convention Center

5.) Washington DC Convention Center

6.) Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio

7.) Philadelphia Convention Center


Engaging attendees at conventions held outside city centers (such as Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando) is a bit challenging, however creative forms of mobile and bike billboards can be effective way for brands to deliver their message.

Utilize convention marketing to:

1.) Standout in a crowded environment

2.) Engage attendees before then center the convention center

3.) Generate show buzz and booth traffic

4.) Create valuable content for social media during the show


ALT TERRAIN has a wide range of industry-specific convention experience (e.g. Dreamforce, INTA, E3 Expo, PAX Prime, PAX East, CES, AIA, International Housewares Show, Sea Food Expo, Fancy Food Show, etc.) so contact us about your show and goals. 

We believe that convention marketing, when activated correctly, is one of the most valuable ways to create attendee impressions, engagement, and content for social. 

Contact ALT TERRAIN for strategic ways to advertising your brand outside convention centers nationwide.

Get ahead of the crowd with Convention Marketing!