Listerine CPG Brand Marketing Event - Union Square, New York City
Listerine Experiential Marketing Event - Union Square, New York City
DoubleTree Experiential Marketing Event Activation - Faneuil Hall, Boston
Disney Books Pop-Up Event Marketing Activation - Herald Square, New York City
DirecTV Experiential Marketing Event Activation - Back Bay, Boston
Katy Perry Fragrance Product Launch Event - Herald Square, New York City
Katy Perry Fragrance Popup Shop Marketing - 34th Street Pedestrian Plaza, New York City
Citibank Experiential Marketing Event Step & Repeat - Union Square, New York City


Give people a brand experience that they'll remember forever

Transform people into brand advocates

Inspire people to share their experiences

Standout in a competitive environment 

Generate valuable content



An experiential event is defined as a stand-alone activation to engage people with marketing experiences, at a specific location, to achieve company objectives.

Event activations often integrate brand demonstrations, product sampling, and participatory experiences.

Ideally, an experiential marketing event attracts attention, memorably engages people, delivers a specific brand message, and actionable influences purchase behavior.

Experiential marketing events are designed for a single location, a few cities simultaneously, or as a national tour. 

Social media, influencer marketing, and public relations play an integral role in leveraging the investment of producing an experiential event.

Experiential marketing events can occur outdoors, inside venues, at festivals, sports arenas, and a host of other locations.

Unleash the power of experiential to show people how your brand makes a difference in their life.

ALT TERRAIN provides the following experiential event services:

1.) Experiential ideas to accomplish specific goals

2.) Consumer experience planning and design

3.) Event asset production (e.g. Instagrammable displays, tents, stages, booths, lighting, etc.)

4.) Consumer-brand activities (e.g. games, prize wheel, Instagramable installations, etc.)

5.) Event location scouting, negotiation, and contracting

6.) City or venue permit process

7.) Event assets storage, transport, and installation 

8.) Onsite management

9.) Securing and training brand ambassadors

10.) Brand ambassador outfits and props

11.) Liability insurance certificates (required by cities and property owners)

12.) Event security and crowd control

13.) Videographer and photographers

14.) Production of marketing materials and giveaways  

15.) Performer, press, celebrity, and influencer handlers and management

Hosting an experiential marketing event offers brands endless opportunities: (a) introduce new people the to brand (b) reaffirm relationships with current customers (c) integrate influencers (d) gain valuable feedback (e) leverage interactions and content to drive sales.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for experiential marketing event ideas, strategies, pricing, and examples.

Make it experiential!

Experiential Event Examples

Listerine Mouthwash Experiential Marketing Event - Union Square North, New York City


Disney Books Pop-Up Event Marketing Activation - Herald Square, New York City

Disney Books

Citibank Experiential Marketing Event Step & Repeat - Union Square, New York City