Darigold Cheese Brand Marketing Installation - Westlake Center, Seattle
Samsung Galaxy Experiential Brand Installation Activation - Meatpacking District, New York City
Twix x TBS Window Installation - The Loop, Chicago
Dime Community Bank Brand Installation - Queens, New York
Darigold Cheese Brand Installation - Westlake Center, Seattle

BRAND INSTALLATION and Why It's Relevant

Create an Instagramable brand presence in specific locations

Drive ongoing consumer engagement with interactive elements

Enhance brand installations with surprise-and-delight experiences

Validate brand impact via social interaction, visits, and sales lift


What is a brand installation?

Brand installation is the transformation of outdoor public spaces with standalone, experiential marketing structures.

The goal of brand installations is to create a noticeable presence that attracts, engages, and delivers a brand message. 

They are also known as Instagram installations, experiential marketing installations, brand spectaculars, 3D billboards, and ambient outdoor advertising by individual companies.


Compelling brand installations include:


1.) Developing installation ideas to communicate a specific brand message

2.) Scouting and securing locations

3.) Design, fabrication, and testing

4.) Securing city permits and location permissions

5.) Issuing certificates of insurance

6.) Transport, installation, and removal


Brand installations can be executed for one day or up to four weeks depending upon the concept, locations, and other factors.

They can range from interactive storefronts to rooftop installations to vending machines.  

Brand installations are more impactful with interactive elements ranging from augmented reality to social media integrations. 

We're really into experiential brand installations as they tend to have low maintenance (once installed), organically drive engagement, and add a uniqueness to public spaces.

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Brand Installation Examples

Darigold Cheese Brand Installation - Westlake Center, Seattle

Darigold Cheese

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The High Line