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Experiential Retail Activation Consulting - New York City


Improve your experiential marketing outcomes with actionable insights

Make more efficient experiential marketing investments

Learn how to impact ideal audiences at scale

Quantify your experiential marketing activations


What is experiential marketing consulting?

Brands and agencies alike engage ALT TERRAIN to expand their experiential marketing intelligence, strategies, and activational impact.

We specialize in uncovering efficient, proven, and digitally enhanced experiential marketing solutions based on brand goals.

Uncover strategies to reach and influence desirable audiences nationwide.

This advisory service is for those who want to move beyond one-off activations and into scalable, sustainable experiential marketing solutions.


Our strategic experiential marketing consulting process:


1.) Understand the brand, message, and ideal audience

2.) Clarify business objectives and KPIs

3.) Design, easily executable, experiential strategies to achieve desired outcomes

4.) Institute systems to track key performance indicators

5.) Work hand-in-hand to oversee new strategy implementation

6.) Measure performance (KPIs), customer performance indicators (CPI), and overall return-on-investment


Tap into 10+ years of on-the-ground, brand story-centric, experiential marketing experience.

Strategies encompass sustainable, scalable, and, most importantly, quantifiable experiential marketing methods to attract attention, influence opinion, and change purchase behaviors.

Our marketing consultancy services include advisement on how best to efficiently engage in a wide variety of consumer environments; on-the-street, inside festivals, on-campus, in city shopping districts, while commuting, during holidays, and around trade show conferences.

Get in touch if you need advice on how to reach relevantly reach millions of consumers with measurable impact.

We offer a variety of marketing consulting packages ranging from six to twelve-months.

Overall, our consultancy takes time to understand the brand, identify opportunities, create an experiential marketing plan, and oversee the implementation.

Contact us to learn how our strategic experiential marketing consulting services can help increase your performance.