Street Projection Building Wall Advertising Agency App Example - Downtown, Boston
Adidas Projection Mapping Outdoor Advertising Event Promotion Billboard - Los Angeles
Building Wall Light Projection Advertising for Event Promotion - Downtown, Los Angeles, CA
Strava Guerilla Video Projection Advertising - Back Bay, Boston
Blade Runner Movie Release Building Advertising Projection - Boston, MA
SXSW Guerilla Building Advertising Projection - Austin, TX
Bud Light Outdoor Event Marketing Advertising - Nashville, TN
Larabar Guerilla Video Building Projection Advertising Billboard - San Diego, CA
Outdoor Building Projection Advertising Company Example - Seaport, Boston
DTLA Wall Projection Advertising Company Example - Downtown, Los Angeles


Create instant digital video billboards on buildings throughout cities 

Reach people in bustling nightlife areas with wall projection outdoor advertising

Bring interactive digital billboard experiences to the street

Stream real-time events, shows, and happenings with guerilla street projection

Add creative edge to traditional outdoor advertising campaigns

Measure success via brand impressions, social shares, and call-to-action


What is a guerilla wall projection advertising?

Guerilla wall projection advertising is the large-scale display of video content on the exterior of buildings to create thousands of standout brand impressions nightly.

This outdoor advertising approach is often cited as 'guerrilla digital billboards', 'projection bombing', 'street projection marketing' or 'projection mapping' by certain companies. 

It is primarily deployed to promote new brand campaigns, movie releases, events, and cause marketing initiatives.

Guerilla Wall Projection outdoor advertising is additionally utilized to create a presence around convention centers and during citywide events.

Guerilla building wall projection is particularly impactful in large cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, San Diego and other cities with an abundance of busy nightlife areas. 

Videos and photos of each projection night captured for your social media channels.

Even though building wall projections have been around for 15+ years, it is still the best way for brands to get noticed at night in cities.

Available overseas in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Berlin. 

Go big with projections!

Guerilla Wall Projection styles and information:

Standard Guerilla Projection advertising is defined as the placement of projected brand advertising (still images or motion video) on buildings to create an undeniable street presence that most consumers find interesting, edgy and often captivating. Only available in select cities. 

Interactive Guerilla Projection, also known as experiential or interactive building projection, is defined as the same as the above with the addition real-time, consumer-centric engagement elements. Interactive elements can range from displaying websites that integrate real-time content feeds from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (so onsite consumers can view their social media posts displayed in real-time on the building wall) to consumers to playing an new video game release (that is displayed in real-time on wall for everyone to see) to live text-in projections. Only available in select cities. 

PR Stunt Guerilla Projection advertising is defined less by the number of people who see or engage with the building projection onsite, more by the documentation of the marketing activation for social media, public relations and/or content marketing purposes. Only available in select cities.

3D Mapping Building Projection Installations is defined as creating templates of buildings and site-specific videos to match building facades. The 3D Mapping Guerilla Video Projection approach allows for it to appear as if lights in certain windows are turning on/off or the facade of the building is crumbling, and other awesome effects. This approach is the most expensive to execute as typically requires securing building owner permission, creating site-specific 3D video animations and multiple nights of testing prior to activation.

Guerilla Wall Projection Advertising FAQ:

Guerilla video projections are defined as the act of projecting still or video advertising images on buildings throughout cities, typically without permission.

It is implemented without permission of property owners, although many cities do not have a laws prohibiting projecting light on to buildings.

Rates vary depending upon the city and number of activation nights.

Please contact ALT TERRAIN for building projection advertising pricing for your city.